Thursday, 7 July 2011

Birthday Cheer

Today it is my Birthday hip hip hooray.

I'm up early to check for any Facebook greetings of Birthday cheer, I know it's pathetic but I need something to keep my Birthday spirits up throughout the day- it's going to me, the five year old and two of his bessie mates. It's not fair, if it was just the five year old I could take him where ever I want; my friend Beth is here now and she has to entertain herself all day.

She arrived last night and I had to bring the five year old with me because his mum rang and said she was going to be really late. "You can take him to your place if you want." she said, so I did, because I had to collect MY friend who was coming from ENGLAND. Unfortunately, she came all this way to sit in my room and watch a five year old navigate his way around 'Dinosaur Extreme' videos on YouTube, because he was here until 9pm. Nothing like finishes work two hours later to bring on the Birthday Cheer.

Yesterday I had the five year old, plus the mum's work collegue's two Italian sons who are very, very bratty. We had a good game of football though in the park and I really got in to it. I blasted the ball at one point... straight into the five year old's face. I guess it was karma that made me finish work so late.

Right, off to work now. Tonight I'm going out for a meal at a North African restaurant, if I have to drag the five year old along with me!