Friday, 24 June 2011


YES! It's the WEEKEND baby, my first week of Holiday Hell is over and I'm going to eat Chinese, get very drunk and I'm going to dance dance dance to Shangaan Electro at Point Éphémère- think South African dancing, to rave music.

Tomorrow is going to be rrreally good as well, Loefah and Boddika, amongst others, at Glaz'art in the 19th. Anyone in Paris who likes dubstep click here for details.

I am sooo excited, I don't care about work anymore. I have decided I will just let the kids be Little Shits and watch telly all day instead of going out and doing Interesting Things and if the mum kicks off I will just leave. I will stay at a mate's and find odd babysitting jobs until it is time to get my Eurostar home. But she won't ask me to leave because, as much as I am Shit Au Pair, I am their only au pair and they have booked my flights to Nice with them.

In other news, Tunisian Man is still doing something to stop me from connecting to his internet (I'm using FreeWebs at the moment) but while he doesn't want me taking his internet, he apparently is depserate for me to take his television. Last night he caught me on my way back from the shower (awkward) and he asked me if I wanted his telly, because he is getting a new one. I said no, because I don't have room and I can't understand French TV. He was insistent though and kept coming up with reasons why I should have his television. "You can watch it!" "You can throw it away!" "You can keep it in a cupboard!" I kept saying no and he kept trying to persuade me to take it and this morning when I got in from work, I found it outside my door.

Keep up the crazy Mr Tunisia, I'm loving it!

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