Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Solstice

Two years ago today, when I was living with my aunty and my cousins in The Countryside for the summer, me and my cousin Chloe celebrated the summer solstice by dressing as flowery pagan types, getting really drunk and listening to Native American chanting. Then we painted each other with acrylic paint. At dusk we climbed up the hill at the back of their house that looks over the whole of Winderemere. We sang made-up songs (most of them went along the lines of 'It is the middle of the year, that is why we're chanting here'), bit into a tomato and then set fire to the grass around us... it was magical and also, for anyone watching us from afar, I imagine it looked like a scene from The Wickerman.

We ended up hurting ourselves quite a bit when we came down the hill, as it was pitch black and we were drunk. Also, the paint didn't come off so we had to go into work the next day with swirls and flowers all over us and everyone that came in the cafe knew what we had been up to because the whole village had heard us chanting and shrieking the night before...

Ah I do miss England!

I wish I could go to Stonehenge, or at least do something magical, like do some chanting or leap over a fire... I'm going out in a bit to see what's going on for FĂȘte de la Musique, if I see somebody with a cigarette, I'm jumping over it shouting 'hey nonny nonny'...

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