Sunday, 19 June 2011

Shit Daughter.

I don't celebrate Father's Day, let's just leave it at that. BUT I do feel a bit snyde, because I've not spoken to my dad since Christmas and for a while I've been thinking 'What a Bad Nobhead, not calling his only daughter and oldest child for six months!' but I have just realised that, actually, it is more me not calling him, because he doesn't have my address or my phone number, but I have all of his details, so techincally, technically, it is more me not contacting him.

Shall I break the habit of a lifetime and ring him to wish him Happy Father's Day? I did ignore his birthday, and my little half-brother's birthday...

Oh my god.

I don't have a Shit Dad- I'm a Shit Daughter.

Well. There you go. I've got no credit to even text him and he doesn't have a computer, so looks like I'll be Shit Daughter for a bit longer.

BUT can I just say, in my defense, do you know what my dad got me for my 21st birthday last summer?

He 'got' me my bursary from university. He said because he filled out all the forms (don't get me started on that Fucking Forms Nightmare), my bursary from uni was his 21st birthday present to me.

No Happy Father's day text for you dad!!!

In other news, guess who's back?

Portugese Couple, with a vengence. They have not left their room ALL WEEKEND and they have not stopped screaming and arguing and whimpering and battering each other ALL WEEKEND.

I hate them I hate them I hate them.

Why do people have relationships??? I really, really, really don't understand- all they do is fight and scream and hit each other, when they could be sat on their own reading a book and eating biscuits.

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