Tuesday, 21 June 2011


This morning I was clinging to my bed like it was a sinking ship, because I knew it would be my last lie-in for a long time. Tomorrow the eleven year old finishes school for the summer holidays, so from tomorrow morning until the 1st August, I will be working every weekday from 8.30 am until 7.30 pm. Seven weeks of eleven hour days... I cannot wait, really, for the joy of trying to entertain three children, with an age range of six years between them. Theoretically, I can take them anywhere and do what I want with them, the only problem is they refuse to leave the sofa, which would suit me just fine, but the mum obviously wants her kids to be out and about and experiencing life. ARGH.

In other news, I got a text message from Potential Family this morning- I got the job! Yey.

It's 'FĂȘte de la Musique' tonight, so there is loads of free music stuff on all over Paris and Mikix the Cat is playing at Le Batofar... if I can find someone to go with me, I am going, although I will have to go straight from work. Tonight is going to be 'a bit different' the mum said, but she didn't have time to explain why, so the eight year old has 'written' it all down for me. I am going to type it out for you and hope that it makes more sense on a computer screen:

the Day: Thursday, June 21

1. pik-nic

give bag you at 4h30

17h school

at 18h00 in danse

(here she has drawn a picture of a house and a picture of her wearing a tutu)

my mama com and you

(here she has drawn seven little stick people, one of whom I can tell is me because she is wearing a dress and has a puzzled look on her face)

Then she has written 'I ... the' and drawn a picture of a TV, and then she has drawn an arrow from the TV to the three dots in the middle of the sentence.

Hmm. Not really sure how this evening is going to pan out...


  1. Congratulations! So you'll be in Paris for another full year?

  2. I hope that means you'll be continuing with your blog! :)

  3. Yep I will be in Paris for another year and I will be continuing my blog, as I will be starting afresh I'm sure there will be lots of awkwardness and mistakes to write about... thanks for commenting, I hope you keep reading!