Friday, 3 June 2011

Cash Money Eyebrows

The money situation is looking dire- yesterday I went jogging at noon, when it was 27 degrees outside, in denim hotpants, because I haven't got any Proper Jogging Gear and I refuse to spend my money on hideous lycra shorts when I could spend it on Farewell Meals and Goodbye Nights Out. The first of my Paris friends to swap France for the green, green hills of England, (apart from my jogging partner Ali who left to live up a Spanish mountain a few weeks ago- maybe it was my denim hotpants that drove her away), leaves next week and after that it just going to be wave after wave of friends leaving Paris forever. It makes me wonder if I can cope with staying here.

Anyway, the reason I am up so early is because I am going to the country for the weekend! It will be just like Brideshead Revisited, except with moules-frites, hopefully. We are going to stay at Emma's ex-boyfriend's family's country house, which sounds a bit awkward to me, but Emma has said her ex-boyfriend is a chef and will be cooking, so I have swept aside any concerns. Emma also told us all we will have to speak French and she was looking at me when she said it, as if I will just sit in the corner all night, being Mute Girl and drinking my wine. (That is my plan though, obviously.)

Oh shit I am going to be late, I had so many things I wanted to say, such as:

-Yesterday I saw five new born kittens and I held one and I was so excited I couldn't make any noise, I just stood there stroking it with my mouth open and my eyes wide for a full ten minutes.

- I finally got my eyebrows threaded in Paris, it was brilliant and I can't stop stroking them in a very unnerving and pervy way because they are so smooth and shapely. I shall tell you all about it another time in a very Informative and Useful Manner, in case anyone else wants to get it done.

- Thanks to my good pal and chum Kayt I have finally paid for Ibiza- YEY!

Although... at this rate I will have to enjoy the holiday from England, via Skype, because I haven't got any flights. I also haven't got any way of getting back to England at the end of August or back to Paris at the end of summer, which I will be needing because...

- It looks like I have got that job with the family I had an interview with on Tuesday, although I'm not entirely sure; the girl who told me about the job (who contacted me through my blog) emailed me this morning and said that the family really liked me, but they were a bit worried I was too timid and might not be able to shout at the kids when I need to. Hmm. Nobody's ever told me I was timid before... I guess I was quite reserved at the interview, but I have never met them before, I could hardly kick down their door, yelling 'SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW AU PAIR!'

Anyway, I am off to the country darlings, I've got my fringe pinned back so I can dazzle and beguile the French people with my eyebrows, so hopefully I won't have to speak any French.

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