Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Back to Reality...

I have just discovered that on the day I was born, the number one single in Britain was 'Back to Life' by Soul II Soul- that is one of my favourite songs!


Maybe instead of searching for Random Shit on the internet I should be telling the girls to go to bed...

I'm babysitting and they are watching telly and I cannot be bothered with a show-down. By the time I finish, I will have worked fifteen hours with them and they have been Little Shits today. The great news is, every day from now until the 1st of August is going be exactly the same, only it will get worse and worse as I gradually loose my Soul and Spirit.

The only bright point today was when me and the five year danced around the kitchen, and he blew on a little plastic whistle while I shook marracas and sang 'Spice Up Your Life'. If only I could get all three of them to do that with me, all day, every day.

I am trying not to loose the will to live thinking about the next seven weeks looming ahead. At least two of them will be in the South of France, although, there are issues with that, mainly the fact that when I come back to Paris I have two days with nowhere to live before my Eurostar back to England and I have to clear my room out before I go to Nice. WISH they'd told me that before I agreed to go... Still- Tan tan tan. That's what it's all about.

I think today has not been made any better by the fact that I am hungover and tired, but I had a brilliant time last night. We went to a street party around Place de Clichy and there was dubstep and bass and it's where Kayt is going to be living next year so we can geg in on the cool, ravey neighbourhood.

Fucking hell they need to go to bed now. Better steady myself for a horrible, horrible fight. Being an au pair is the reason I was able to go to a rave on a Paris street last night, so I will bear that in mind. Excruiatingly pointless arguements with children in exchange for Good Times.


  1. They are English?! I had no idea! Always loved this song.

  2. Yeah! They are from London I think...