Sunday, 19 June 2011

Babies and Baby Cats

Joy to the world, my cousin has given birth to a little girl! She was born at 2am this morning.

Also! I went into my corner shop before to spend my last two euros on a bar of Milka for my tea (don't worry, I also had two macaroons from Angelina's and, rather less glamorously, some left-over mashed potato from the kid's dinner on Friday- I smuggled it out of The Family's house in an empty guacamole pot) and there is a KITTEN living in there! A little kitten in my very own corner shop... lovely lovely lovely. I crouched down to stroke it and it hid inside my anorak- I thought about crawling all the way back to mine so it couldn't escape my massive anorak... I thought I could take it into my room and snuggle with it on my bed and let it drink milk out of a pan. I was going to bring it back, honestly. But the shop keeper was watching me so I had to give it a good stroking and leave it at that. Until next time...

Ah my cousin has had her baby! I'm really pleased for her and Tom, even if it isn't a baby cat.

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