Saturday, 28 May 2011

Villette Sonique

Today a French man dressed in nothing but bright pink hotpants, with a fluffy animal tail wrapped around his head, told me I was eating too many crisps. At first I was outraged, "What does he know about nutrition??" I was yelling, "They're cooked in fucking sunflower oil!" But it is now four hours later and I am actually feeling very sick from all the crisps I have eaten. He may have had a point.

Oh why did I agree to babysit tonight? The night is all dark and sticky, not like blood, more like... I don't know, something nice. 'Dark and sticky' sounded a bit sinister. I just mean that the air is warm and charged with energy... I get the feeling people are out there enjoying the summer night whilst I am sat on The Family's couch, listening to the two girls whisper in their bedroom, thinking they are being ingeniously quiet.

I spent the afternoon at 'Villette Sonique', a free music festival at Parc de la Villlette which is this really pretty park in the North East of Paris. There's a canal with a floating bridge over it, little gardens and walkways and for Some Reason a big mirrored globe.

It really felt like I was at a festival today, everyone was spread out on the grass, drinking and smoking, and waiting for the music to start. I saw Caribou then I had to fucking haul myself back onto the metro and come to work.

It's on again tomorrow night, if you are reading this and you live in Paris, it's definitely worth the trek there; Ikonika with Optimum and Kode9 & The Spaceape are playing. Wooooh. I'm looking forward to some dubstep in the summer sun.

Also, last night we went to the lovliest place ever, a bar and restaurant called Le China in Bastille. The style is kind of 1920s Orient, which sounds tacky but it isn't, when you go inside you feel like you should be wearing a vintage twinset with stockings. We sat at the bar and watched the bartender expertly make us our 12 euros cocktails (try the house speciality- The Contreaupolitan, made with fresh sage) which isn't too bad for Paris- City of Overpriced Drinks, then we went and sat downstairs on leather pouffes under seductive, red lighting- it made a nice change from arriving drunk and then fighting with the bouncers.

Speaking of which, tonight me and Kayt were supposed to go back to Le Longhop and aggressively show the bouncer the ID that we didn't have last weekend (I say 'show'- what I actually promised him I would do is bring my passport and slap him across the face with it), needless to say we went to Villette Sonique instead because a) its better and b) Amy pointed out that it is illegal in France not to carry around ID so technically, technically, we didn't have a leg to stand on...

I am feeling a bit blue tonight (as in sad not as in raunchy) because my mum is having a house warming party for this bloody house I've never been to, and my brother told me on Facebook before that my stepdad and my mum secretly thought I was coming as a surprise and the more he insisted that I wasn't coming, the more my mum thought he was trying to lead her off the scent.

"No, listen, she is really not coming."
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... ok! Wink wink!"

Well I am really not coming, I am currently sat in an apartment in Paris, feeling sick because I ate too many crisps and waiting for 'The Only Way Is Essex' to load. Ahhhhh I do like living in Paris but I do hate missing out on things and I do miss my family and friends soooo muuuch. What shall I do????


  1. I absolutly love your blog! I'm addicted. I am at work and should be working and yet all I do is read your blog. I am trying to find a job in Paris as an au pair and then googled paris au pair blog, I am so glad I found your blog! I feel like I can really do it! (If any family will actually accept me....)
    Also, I LOVE TOWIE! I wanted to ask you if I watched it this whole time, but then I felt like one of those idiots who are like, "oh you live in England? Do you know my Dad's cousin who lives somewhere in England." (<-- Does anybody else know what I'm talking about here?) Ok....this is a really long comment so I'm done now...

    1. Thanks so much! Don't worry, you will definitely be able to find a job as an au pair in Paris, you CAN do it! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!

      P.S I love TOWIE but have not watched it for ages, need to catch up with the new series, don't worry about asking English people if they watch it or not, everyone knows what it is, even if some of them hate it...