Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Town

Before I left for Clare's I had a quick miming session in the mirror just to see what I really looked like as a smoker. Worse fears confirmed- I look like a twat and not just because I was miming smoking a real cigarette in the mirror. I can't smoke and look cool, even whilst raising my eyebrows and pouting. In fact if anything that made me look more like a twat. But it's good news for my lungs anyway, my vanity and paranoia may just have saved me from bad teeth, excessive wrinkles and hundreds and hundreds of pounds I could be spending on cheap wine and cider... oh the irony.

In other news... (other as in 'other than Osama Bin Laden being killed', obviously), I have just watched The Town with Clare and now I only have one thing on my mind: I wonder who you would have to speak to in order to engage the services of Ben Affleck, as his character from The Town, complete with accent and scally jacket etc, to take you hostage in exactly the same manner as the film...

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