Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sunbathing and Job Interview

We spent all day in our secret spot in the woods today, sunbathing in our bikinis away from judgemental Parisiens. I had to leave and go back again for a job interview though, with Clare's family. Clare told me that they were worried my French wouldn't be good enough, so I planned to spend all yesterday and this morning practising...

Obviously I didn't,

I went to Culture Hall near Opera instead, to see Shaun Reeves, Lee Curtiss and Ryan Crosson. Being a fan of Dolly Parton and the Spice Girls, I have to rely on other people to point me in the right direction when it comes to 'good music' (although if Jolene isn't 'good music' then I don't really know what is) and a couple of nights ago Ricky (Kat's boyfriend who we met in Ibiza last year, who we're going back to Ibiza with this summer, and thus completing the circle of life) sent me a link saying 'You should go to this...'

So I did! I felt like I haven't seen any real DJs in Paris for agesssss and it was soo good, click here for a listen, it was really really good house music and I liked the venue a lot. Unfortunately, it was full of Bad English Nobheads. I don't know if they'd all come over to Paris for the night or if they live here, but after months of searching for Cool English People who like Good Music, I can say safely say that I've found them at the Culture Hall and I hope they fucking stay in there. One Bad Nobhead in particular who kept coming within earshot was a girl in a lacy leotard and hotpants, very London-looking and she kept yelling to everyone who would listen 'The DJs are absolutely the nicest guys, I've met them, I can like introduce you, absolutely, I am absolutely loving this music...'

I absolutely wanted to give her a kick up her tiny, distressed-look denim-clad bum.

But apart from that, it was a really nice venue and although everyone was a bit pretentious, they were a lot nicer than the Mentals we have been mixing with lately. Plus, it was only eight euros home in a taxi.

I didn't get up too late and even had a few hours for sunbathing and eating before my interview which actually, went really well. But it went too well. Because when I got back to our sunbathing spot, I was talking it over with the girls and I can't take the job. It's sixty-six euros a week, plus navigo and a rrrreally nice studio with a courtyard, but I'm always telling everyone else not to settle for less than eighty euros a week... what sort of an idiot would I be to not take my own advice? I mean, it's not that many hours and I would be speaking French the whole time, but it's all too similar to how I felt about Family Thrift and we all know how that hideous business ended...

They told me that I can have the job, I just have to ring them next week once I've decided if I really want it or not. The only thing is Clare just told me on Facebook: 'The little girl told me she met her new au pair today!'

Arghhhh. Now I feel like I have to take the job. Surely a year being poor and miserable would be better than one five minute awkward conversation?

Anyway, I'm going to eat Chinese and drink a bottle of wine on a bench, then we're going for a night of RnB at this place where Amy said they actually all put their lighters up in the air when they play that song that goes 'Put yer lighters up'. Not to get carried away, but I'm taking a lighter. And I'm wearing big hoops and my hair in a side pony.

I'll try and resist wearing my big scally chain...

(Just tried it on in the mirror whilst miming holding my lighter in the air... I'm not going to lie- I am going to wear it.)


  1. 1st. where is this sunbathing place? I'm jealous.
    2nd. if they pay shit but give you low hours then get a bar job or something somewhere in addition to au pairing. there are plenty of english speaking places to make some extra money. I thought about staying for a while, and if I stayed another year I'd definitely get a second job.

  2. Yeah that was my plan to get a second job... I just don't know if I should take a job that pays so low in the first place... HMMMM.