Sunday, 8 May 2011


I've blinded myself with my vanity, literally. I bought a new eyeliner yesterday because last week I split my other one in half, right down the middle, in a Getting-Ready-Stress-related rage. My new one is so thick and black, it is like smearing the middle of the night onto your eyelids. Just before I went out last night to meet Amy, two seconds before I left, I touched up my eyeliner and Fucked Up My Make-Up. For a girl, there is nothing like the pain of having perfect make-up and then two seconds later having messy, stupid eyeliner and knowing you have to start again.


It's fucking semi-permanent eyeliner and it wouldn't come off, it just smeared around my face until I had to take all my make-up off and scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub and scrub...

When I finally went to meet Amy I was very late and I had very little, reddened eyes like a rodent. I have just woken up and am filled with remorse and deep regret because I didn't take my eyeliner off last night and I have just scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed away at them and now I can barely see to type.

I am going to eat falafal and then I am going to come back and then later when I sober I will write about last night because it was VERY FUCKING FUNNY.

I actually just want to write haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa about sixty times.


  1. please finish off your advice to au pairs!
    i sound like such a mental, but i really want to read the rest, i was going to pack my whole wardrobe but my friend told me this was a bit excessive..

  2. Haha ok I will finish it tomorrow and I will tell you what to take instead of your whole wardrobe!

  3. hey I've written a bit more now, sorry it is taking me ages but there is so much to say on the subject...