Friday, 13 May 2011

Nervous Flyer?

Finally got my bording pass printed.

I got up really early to go to an internet cafe on the other side of Paris that I know has a printer, because even though there is probably one round the corner, I thought it would quicker to travel than looking around for one and then not finding it. But when I got to Chatelet the RER B wasn't running, for no reason. Once again I've been foiled by Paris Public Transport (although I'm glad now that the metro was closed on Wednesday, stopping me from going out, because I took my passport out for ID like an idiot and something might have happened to it). I went to work feeling very violent and panicky, but luckily Clare printed it off for me after lunch. I hope I don't need anything's all very confusing buying things online.

I am not ready at all for tomorrow. My room is a mess again, I need to wash my hair and put it in rollers so that, come morning, it will be bouncy and bountiful and ready for the wedding. I'm not sure how I'm getting to Charles de Gaulle airport, some sort of bus as last time I got the RER it was AWFUL. I don't know where the bus goes from through.

At least I've got my outfit. Although no bag and no jewellery. Just a skirt, a top and my massive heels. It is hot in Serbia isn't it? I don't know. I don't know what money they have or anything, all I know is that you can't take it in or out of the country or something. Oh fuck. The only productive thing I've done all day is buy some Haribo for my bus journey to the airport and I've already eaten most of them.


  1. Hello there!

    Okay, so this may be kinda weird, I promise I am not a psycho stalker or anything, but what the heck, I'm gonna say it anyway....

    I've been reading your blog for a while and I think you are effing HILARIOUS! My friend found you on google (don't panic, I don't think she was googling anything too unmentionable or perverse!) and since then we're both really big fans of your writing.

    I'm an au pair in Paris too and it's uncanny how many of your stories ring true for me as well, like secretly eating half of the contents from the gouter bag when the kids aren't looking, speaking very bad franglais when pissed, etc etc....

    So this is the weird(est) part.... I have two suggestions:

    -> would you like to meet up sometime for a drink and some good old fashioned english banter?

    -> I read that you're looking for a job, and I'm leaving Paris in July and somehow I feel like my job would be perfect for you (I know, weird, I don't even know you!)

    Anyway, if you're not too freaked out, and interested in knowing more about my job, then email me,

    Hope to hear from you,

  2. Why are you worried about sounding weird- have you really read my blog? I'm eamiling you now... if you turn out to be a phyco I'll just write on my blog about it.