Sunday, 1 May 2011

Magic Quantity of Alcohol

I have consumed that Magic Quantity of Alcohol that makes you wake up at 7.30am. I wish I could measure it one day and use it to help me get up in the mornings, there is nothing else in the world that can make me get up early as efficiently as this Magic Quantity of Alcohol. Also, I am a little bit excited because yesterday I TIDIED MY ROOOOOOM!!!! It's really tidy. I feel like it's Christmas Day except instead of presents to wake up to I have a swept floor and organised cupboards to thrill and beguile me.

Really though, wish I was alseep now because I will feel it later and also it is a bit of a struggle to type. I think I will try and get back to sleep and later I will tell you Something Shocking.

(Also, WHITE RABBIT for the first of the month.)

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