Friday, 8 April 2011

Unnecessary Food

It's so fucking hot. And yet- I find myself in black jeans, a vest top and a cropped jacket, because I'm sick of randomers in the street asking me if I'm cold. What is wrong with them? It is 20 degrees outside! I bet in England everyone is sunbathing on their lunch breaks and walking around in hot pants, but in Paris everyone is wearing jackets and tights and boots. On Tuesday I was wearing leggings and a dress with long sleeves and the grandmother came in the house and said "It is summer for you!?"

"NO!" I wanted to scream, "If it was summer I would be wearing three carefully arranged fig leaves!!"

I know it's only April, but it's hot. I want to get my legs out and wear dresses but I can't because everyone will stare at me and make sarky comments. I did get my legs out last night though, for the first time in months and months and months. People just don't do it here, not even on nights out. But it was my last night out with Lauren before she leaves, so we decided to go to Le Mix for some dancing and some general hilarity. We also decided to dress up a little bit, not completely 'little dresses and big heels English', but we did fake tan our legs. I've not had my legs out for so long that I had forgotten what they look like- not too great as it turns out, although it doesn't help that I have three cigarette burns on my thighs from last weekend. I look like I've been indulging in some hot ash related S&M.

Luckily my dress just covers them but it's the only one that does so I'm going to wear it again tonight. In fact I'm going to wear the entire outfit again tonight because we got so drunk last night that we didn't make it out to the club. We drank six bottles of wine (there was six of us though) and then stumbled to Hippopotamus for burgers and steak and Kat (from Paris, not London) fell asleep at the table. Everyone was staring at us because we were drunk, but what I'd like to know is, if you're not drunk, then why are you sat in Hippopotamus eating steak and chips at four in the morning?

No wonder I spend so much money in Paris- at four in the morning you can't get a kebab for love nor money yet there is always a Hippopotamus open somewhere willing to sell you steak and chips for 25 euros. I didn't get steak last night and I'm very pleased with my Drunk Self for getting a burger instead. I only have fifty euros to last me the month and I don't need to spend half of it on steak, particularly when I had already eaten three meals and about sixteen biscuits.

Looking back we were never going to make it to Le Mix- it took us ages to get drunk and we did it whilst lounging around on beds and sofas. It was a good night though and kind of fitting that mine and Lauren's last night out in Paris together involved being very drunk and spending a lot of unnecessary money on unnecessary food.

It meant however that this morning I once again found myself on the 82 bus at half seven in the morning. But this time it really will be the last time, because after tomorrow I will never stay at Lauren and Drew's again.

It's all very sad BUT I will get to see Lauren tomorrow morning before she gets her Eurostar AND when she was drunk last night, Kat booked herself a ticket for Magnetic Man so now there is three of going and it's going to be soo good! The other person going is Anna who I have not seen for ages, but apparently since the last time I saw her she has a new job and a new apartment and she has just been on holiday to Nice with her new French lover... do you ever get the feeling that other people are having more fun than you?

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  1. WHAT is wrong with these french people??? I'll be dying in short sleeves and rolled up jeans and they will be wandering around not breaking a sweat in jackets and overcoats and boots. It's like until the calendar says it's summer they insist on dressing for winter, no matter what is happening outside. Crazy people.