Thursday, 21 April 2011

Le Easter Hols.

The Easter holidays are over!!

The family told me yesterday that they were able to get time off work at the last minute, so at 1pm today the mum came home from work and they all went to their country house for Easter weekend, leaving me freeeeee as a bird until Tuesday. If only I had not spent all my money like a Dick, I could be in England Right Now, drinking tea in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Edinburgh- So many people to see, so little money...

I have four euros until I get paid a week on Monday. I can't even buy myself an Easter egg. I bought the kids a Smarties Easter egg each when I was back in England for Mulletover and I have amazed and astonished myself by managing to not eat them for three weeks. I gave them to the mum this morning and she said "No, you should not have, you really should not have." I was thinking 'Pleeeeease refuse to take them so I can have them for myself' but she didn't. She did however give me 'a little something'. It was a chocolate hen in a nest of chocolate eggs and also chocolate fish for some reason. I say 'was' because as soon as I sat down in my room I devoured the whole thing, eggs and fish and all.

Damn I wish I'd saved it. Or bought myself an Easter egg when I was back in England. Or even just last week before I'd spent all my money on... on... I can't even remember what I've spent my money on. I went to the cinema, I got a kebab.

Looks like I'll be back on the cake decorations for a while. The family had loads and loads of food in their fridge that I know will go off because they won't be there now until Monday night, so I tried to sneakily steal some. Unfortunately I had taken my tiny little handbag so all I managed to get was two kiwis and a satsuma and I've eaten the satsuma already.

On Sunday I had planned to honour the ascension of Jesus Christ our Lord by smoking shisha at the Paris Mosque and eating vast amounts of Middle Eastern cakes and cous cous, but I am not completely shit. I have forty pounds squirreled away, so I can go and get bent over whilst exchanging it for euros at the Gare du Nord Eurostar terminal.

Kay is lending me money so I can go out tonight, Surprise Surprise, I have about six tabs to pay off when I get paid. But I say "Nobody lend me any money!!!" and people go "Pleeeeeease come out, pleeeeeeeease come out, I'll lend you the money!" and then I feel bad for not borrowing the money. Or else they go "Let's all get mojitos, let's all mojitos, I'll put it on my card, go on pay me back, I really want us all to get mojitos!" and then I just really want a mojito.

I better go and get ready actually, I meant 'to blog' this afternoon. But then I also meant to tidy my room, go and sunbathe and go to Gare du Nord and exhange my money. Instead I spoke to Beth on Skype for an hour and a half whilst eating my chocolate hen and then I had a four hour nap.

Oh fuck I've suddely got really stressed and angry about tonight. You know when you are all chilled and looking forward to the night one minute and then all of a sudden you stand up and go I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR AND MY HAIR IS WET AND I DON'T HAVE A SUITABLY SIZED BAG!!!!!!!

Ok calm calm. Calm Calm.


Ok I should really stop typing and go and get ready.


I'm going.

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