Monday, 11 April 2011

Getting Somewhere: Part 1

There's a little bird singing outside my window. The sun is not long in the sky and yet here I am, not sleeping. I don't think I'll have time to finish my 'story' before work but I just felt like getting up early. I must say it's a much nicer way to start the day than leaping out of bed five minutes after I'm supposed to be in work like normal. But let's leave today for a while and go back to Friday night...

Me and Anna got on the tour bus for a look. I was half-expecting it to be like a Mega Bus, without the big yellow man painted on the side, but when we climbed on it was obvious they were never going to travel round France on a Mega Bus. It was huuuuuuge, with seating areas and televisions and games consoles and televisions and a little kitchen and about sixteen little bunks with beds in that all had thick curtains you could pull across for privacy. (I think it's important to mention the curtains.)

It was fun to have a look round the bus and chat to everyone for a bit, but I kept thinking about work on Monday morning. If we went to Lyon, which they told us would take six hours by coach, would we be able to get back by Monday morning? There was also the question of money. I thought of the five euro note crumpled up in the bottom of my bag and wondered how I could make it stretch from Paris to Lyon and back. But then the Dubstep DJ from November (shall we just call him November from now on for simplicity's sake?) said "I wouldn't ask you come to Lyon with us and not make sure you can get home."

He also said "I wonder how many you can fit in these bunks. Do you mind coming in for a minute to see if it can fit two people?"

I didn't see the harm in obliging him in his little bunk-experiment, so I slid in to confirm that they could indeed fit two people in. There was even space for movement in there, although only if one person lay on their back. I still wasn't sure about Lyon. But I kind of got distracted... Five hours later I woke up on a moving tour bus. I heard someone say on the other side of the curtains as they walked past:"When shall we tell the girls we drove them to Surrey?"

SHIT- after getting up early I'm going to be late for work now, I'll finish this later.

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