Sunday, 10 April 2011

Getting Nowhere: Part 1

So the last time I posted I was sat on my bed eating bread and questionable butter, wondering what to wear. (In the end I did go for what I wore the night before, but with leggings and my Adidas jacket to undress it a little bit. In hindsight, this was a lucky decision.) I need to split this weekend up into different posts, so to start I'll go back to that moment in my room, before the night began and the madness that followed.

I didn't think it would be that late a night. It seemed as though the dubstep DJs were on quite early, so me and Anna had arranged to meet at about eight pm, go for pre-drinks at her new appartment, meet Kat (Paris Kat, not LND Rave Princess Kat) and then go the venue for about eleven.

But life doesn't always help you out does it? I fannyed around until about half eight, then couldn't get hold of Anna. Her phone was off and I had no idea where her new appartment was. At about nine pm I realised she'd texted me the name of her metro stop, so I set off into the night, hoping I'd get hold of her on the way.

I finally did just before I got on the metro. She wasn't at home; she was travelling back from somewhere, but she told me to wait for her once I got to her metro. I won't say the name of her metro stop in case any Bad Stalkers are reading this, but as soon as I got on the metro I realised Anna's new neighbourhood might be a little bit grimey, mainly because I was wedged between two Romany Traveller women and their gaggle of absolutely filthy, downtrodden looking kids (soz but c'est vrai), plus a shopping cart overspilling with rags that had a huge, blackened doll's house balanced on top of it.

I rang Anna when I got off the metro and she told me to find a little café or somewhere to wait for her. I walked out of the station to find myself in an urban wasteland. There was a closed supermarket and a kebab shop, with groups of teenage boys hanging about sporadically, not talking to each other but instead silently watching with interest the girl looking lost ascending the metro stairs...

I found a bakery that was still open and sat on a little wall outside it, trying my hardest to not look lost. There was a kebab shop two doors down that was still open as well, and a man appearing to be the owner was stood outside it, staring at me. I thought he must be annoyed at me sitting on the wall or something, but a few minutes later I looked up and somehow all the lights in the kebab shop were off and it was locked, but he was stood in the exact same position and looked like he hadn't moved.

A few minutes later I looked and he was still there, only now he had moved a tiny bit closer. The girls in the bakery started locking up. I rang Anna and she was still on the metro. I felt like a dick for getting worried and hastling her but every five minutes I looked up and Kebab Man had moved a little bit closer, but he was managing to stand in the exact same position with an expression on his face that suggested he hadn't moved a muscle.

Finally Anna rang me and told me she had arrived and just in time as well. I stood up to leave and noticed that Kebab Man was stood about one metre away from me. Once I'd met up with Anna we had a mssive trek to her place and it became clear that her new neighbourhood is on the edges of the banlieu. I was on edge myself because we didn't have our tickets printed off either and we still had to get ready, get back to the metro and meet Kat. Anna also informed me that we needed to wait for this Danish girl called Francesca she had met that afternoon in a shoe shop; they were chatting and the girl said she had come to Paris for a week by herself, so Anna invited her out with us.

Francesa showed up and she was like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She had a cute little black bob and was dressed in red and she was kept giggling and taking photos of everything although she admitted that when she got off the metro and saw the area she thought that perhaps Anna was working for a sex trade trafficker or something. We got ready really quickly and then just before we left Anna said she would go and print off the tickets. Her landlord is an artist who lives in his studio attached to Anna's appartment, and he said she could use his printer. When she went into his studio though, he was alseep. We crept in to the dark and found ourselves in a tunnel of floorlength dust sheets. I don't know why I was so on edge but it was horrible. We had no tickets, we were lost in the art studio of a sleeping stranger, we were supposed to be meeting Kat half way across Paris in ten minutes and we had a long way to walk before we even got to the metro, not that we could get on the metro, without our tickets. We were getting nowhere.

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