Friday, 22 April 2011

French Walk of Shame

Damn. I wish I had never started posting links to my blog on Facebook. Then my mum never would have found it and nobody I know would read it. Although, if I didn't post links to it on Facebook the only people who would read it are people looking for pictures of Hilda Ogden (seriously, that is where the biggest percentage of 'page views' comes from).

But I had never told anyone I know I was keeping a blog, then it really would be completely anonymous and I could tell you about last night.

Hmm. I need to sleep now anyway because I have just returned home after enduring yet another hideous French Walk of Shame, which is just like an English Walk Of Shame with several metro and bus changes involved, and more people tutting at you. I think I will write something later that alludes to the events of last night, without naming names or making me out to be a huge hoe bag. (Don't get too excited, no tour buses this time.)

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