Friday, 8 April 2011


Am I on crack? I can't wear what I wore last night to go and see the dubstep act tonight. If I wear what I was wearing with flat shoes I'll look like a prostitute and not in a sexy Secret Diary of a Call Girl way, I'll look like one of the real ones you see mooching about Manchester Piccadilly, wearing trainers with little black skirts and bare legs, and they've all got no teeth.

Hmm. I finished work an hour early as well, meant to use the time productively but so far I've just eaten a baguette with butter. I've just realised that I've had this butter since November. Does butter go off? Anyway, the mum said I could go early because she has just got back from a business trip to Germany and she said it must have been hard work dealing with everything while she was away. I didn't even notice she wasn't here.

And guess what! I have just booked my plane tickets to Serbia!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it with Lauren's French bank card and everything was in French, feel very proud of myself, but now I have said that something will inevitably go wrong. Maybe I have booked three exotic pets on to the flight or something like that. There was something about a hublot- I'm not sure what one is but I thought surely it's better to have a hublot than not to have one, so I ticked the box saying I wanted one. I hope it's not something bad. What if it's like a lump of warm, jellified fat they drop into your lap half through the flight? It sounds like that. Hublot.

But hublot or no hublot, it's all good because I'm going to Serbia for my cousin's wedding in May! Wow. Obviously the main reason I am going is for my cousin's wedding, but if I don't come back with an Eastern European gypsy husband and my very own caravan to clean, I will be disappointed.

Speaking of 'men'... anyone who was reading my blog five months ago (just me then) will remember what happened last time I went to see a member of a certain dubstep trio play in Paris. Tonight it's a big venue so I'm sure nothing untoward will happen, but still. Would be kind of a larf...

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