Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shitty Breakfast

One again I find myself living in Food Fantasy World. In my dreamlife, I'm eating a beautiful, rustic breakfast, the kind you might find on the Simply Breakfast blog or waiting for you on the terrace of your honeymoon suite:

In reality, I have this to get me through the day:

Cammomile tea and alphabet cake decorations. Still, I'm spelling as I'm breakfasting! You can't do that with a sausage. The cake decorations were a bit of a find actually, I dicovered them at the back of my drawer a couple of days ago and the joy was overwhelming. Thank the stars I got paid for doing extra babysitting last night. Amo Facebooked me saying 'Coming into Paris on Sat, we could go for a picnic, I'll buy the food.'

How did she know? How did she know I would have no money and more importantly, why is she offering to buy me food when I still owe her about one hundred euros? If I was any of my friends I would drop me like a dead weight. I wonder why they keep me around. Am I some sort of- SHIT, speaking of friends I am going to be very, very fucking late in a minute. Need to meet Clare, Amy and co at my metro soon. I better have a shower... haha, only joking- I'll just slick some mascara on and find a tea-stained top to wear.

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