Sunday, 6 March 2011

Music and Money

It's six o'clock. If I happen to look at the time when it's six pm exactly, I always think 'Ooh, The Simpsons' and then I remember I'm in France. Anyway, it's only on at six pm on weekdays and it's Sunday today.

I walked around the Marais, like I've done many a Sunday, today with Clare and her friend from home who is staying here for a month. We went in the vintage shops and got falafal. I'm supposed to be saving money this month to put into my English bank account to pay off my credit card and to sort Ibiza out. Probably shouldn't have bought the five euro falafal then. Or the three euro cup of tea. Or the four euro slice of cheesecake. Or the twenty six euro leotard from American Apparel...

Next weekend I know I'll spend a lot of money. Rachel, Rosie and Jen are coming for the weekend, I'm soooooo excited! We do have a tendancy to get very drunk and spent lots of money when we're together though, so I really should have been careful this week. Oh well. I'm going to write down a plan for our weekend so I don't crumble under the Host Pressure. And the weekend after I'm having Kat and Mikee to stay and my friend Abi is coming and staying with Lauren, so that will be a big weekend too. How thrilling! Luckily there's loads of stuff going on these next two weeks:

Friday 11th March

What the Funk: Mr Scruff at Nouveau Casino

We are definitely going to this. Tickets are 16 euros in advance but unfortunately I can't use my bank card so looks like I will be paying twenty euros on the door. Get tickets here.

Saturday 19th March

I really want to take Kat and Mikee to Le Batofar, and on the night they come there is a night on called 'Three Years of Attractive Party at Batofar' which, to be honest, sounds a bit weird and I haven't heard of anyone playing it, but I did a little research on YouTube and I'm hoping it will all be like this:

It just says on the website that it's techno, but in Paris they are very keen on 'minimal techno' something that doesn't really rock my boat, so I'll see what Kat and Mikee want to do. If you fancy your chances with the 'Attractive Party' get tickets here.

The other option is Excuse My French at La Bellevilloise. I think a few of my friends are going to this. It's only 15 euros and there's a few acts playing, including UK Hip Hop act Foreign Beggars and Grooverider (drum and bass and maybe jungle... we all know I'm a clowncore hippy at heart so don't take my word for it). If you like grime and drum and bass and shizzle, Get Tickets Here.

Hmm I don't know which to choose, maybe we could go to Excuse My French and then on to the minimal techno mystery at Le Batofar... Exciting though!

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