Monday, 28 March 2011


DISCLAIMER: I'd like to point out before you read this post that I'm not one of those nobheads who thinks that being poor is cool. I'm not poor- I get a good wage, I just spend it on stuff.

I knew this would happen, I go for one jog and I think it gives me license to eat five times my own body weight because I 'exercise'. Today in the family's fridge there was a home-made chocolate cake so I took some for the kids' gouter after school and ate 'a little bit' myself. It was really nice. When the eleven year old got home, I saw her rummaging around in the cupbards for some gouter and, knowing how much she likes chocolate, I said 'There's chocolate cake in the fridge!' thinking she'd be really pleased. Instead her eyes widened in horror. "No! That's for school!"

I tried to keep my face from showing any expression. But she knew. She looked at my face and she knew what her big, fat, greedy au pair had done. I had eaten half the chocolate cake her and her mum had made to sell at the school bake sale. She looked on the verge of tears so I offered to make another one, but there was nothing in the house to make cakes with. I suggested we put it on a smaller plate and make it look like it hadn't been half-eaten, but she was having none of it.

Damn me and my greedy ways. Still, I am going for another jog tomorrow morning.


I found out about an hour ago that tomorrow, mine and Lauren's friend Claire is coming for the night! She has recklessly made a last minute booking to come and see us for one night. I am so excited and surprised! She said she wants to eat macaroons and drink Champagne under the Eiffel Tower, which sounds excellent, but unfortunately I only have three euros, so my Paris friend Clare has said she will re-open my tab, seeing as I get paid on Thursday.

Hmm. She only gets paid in fifty euro notes so she will have to lend me fifty, which means when I get paid I will have to pay back the following:

  • Amo: 100 euros
  • Clare: 50 euros
  • Kat: 71 euros
  • Paris Transport People: 50 euros (I hope, I can't really understand the letters they keep sending me and '150 euros' seems to be repeated a lot, in red writing, but I think is in case I don't pay the initial fifty euros soon.)

So that leaves me with... 329 euros.

With this money I must:
  • pay some of my credit card off
  • have the biggest, bestest night out ever at Mulletover on Saturday night
  • Stock up on on English Things... tea bags, cake ingredients, make-up, facial stuff, cheap Easter eggs, Creme Eggs, hair conditioner etc
  • Get my hair cut. This really is a neccessity as my hair is taking over my face and I look like someone who practices 'white magic' in their spare time
  • Get eyebrows threaded... but I supppose I could pluck them myself
  • Buy some appropriate running gear
  • Book flights to Serbia.
Shit. The Serbia thing isn't going to happen is it? Damnation.

Do you know what the scary thing is? What the hell would I do if I was still working for Family Thirft and getting 40 euros a week? Why am I so bad with money?

Oh well. To be honest I don't really give a shit. I'll just get more money from somewhere. Or I won't... who cares? I won't even remember next month, I'll just remember the EXCELLENT FUN I had.


  1. Book your flights to Serbia. It is certainly the best option:)

  2. Do you think? But they are so expensive!! I do really want to go to my cousin's wedding... I'll and save this month then.

  3. hello absolutely love your blog! My friend who began au pairing about 6 weeks ago showed it to me and now i've just started au pairing in france as well and find it even funnier as it is just so relatable. I was determined to read it from the start and now it has essentially become my bedtime reading.

    I have a couple of slightly bizarre questions but I feel you may know the answer to them:
    First of all, do you know if dry shampoo exists in france? Don't get me wrong I do wash but a few sprays of batiste never go a miss a couple of times a week and I fear that my current can that I brought from home is swiftly getting lighter and lighter!

    Secondly, do you know if shitty ilegit salons - like in England - exist here where I can get my eyebrows threaded cheaply? It's the one beauty regime that I like to maintain and as I will be here for the next two months I'm keen to keep my eyebrows in tact and avoid returning home with a monobrow.

    Sorry for the slightly strange questions but I just thought it would be worth asking! Hope you're still enjoying your time in France - or maybe you're back in England now, I guess i'll find out when I finish reading!

    1. I love the thought of people reading my blog from the very beginning, don't worry about the strange questions...

      You can buy Batiste in big branches of Monoprix, it's more expensive than it is in England though and there's also a French dry shampoo, can't remember what it's called but they sell it in Monoprix too.

      As for eyebrow threading, I used to recommend a place called 'Centre de beaute indienne' it's at La Chapelle, 27-33 rue Phillipe de Girard... I say I used to recommend it because a couple of people said they tried it and found the area too intimidating so if you're new to Paris you might not feel comfortable in that area. However they did a good job and it was seven euros. I've not found anywhere else to go so if you're desperate go with a few friends, during the day, and cover yourselves up.

      Hope this helps, carry on reading! Glad you like the blog x