Tuesday, 8 February 2011


On Saturday I watched Toy Story 3 with Amo. She wanted to see me cry and I never disappoint- I'm a Crier. I cried hard and loud people, hard and loud. I thought I had cried out all the Toy-related Sadness whilst watching the film, but on Sunday I came across these undesirables sat on the street in East Paris and all the Toy-related Sadness came rushing back to me:

I used to talk to my teddies until I was about seventeen. When I go home next week I am going to get them out of wherever I shoved them and tell them about Paris. I know they're not real and I know that they don't come alive when I leave the room... but what if they are? It doesn't cost you anything to spare a few kind words and maybe a bedtime story every so often and if toys are indeed lifeless then there's no harm in talking to yourself in nice soothing tones...


If you treat your toys as if they're not real... there is a possibility, no matter how small, that they do in fact come alive when you leave the room and look around their dusty cardboard box wailing I HATE MY LIFE!

Why would you risk that, why?

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