Wednesday, 23 February 2011


If anyone is wondering if they want to be an au pair or not and want to know what I actually do, here is what I did today:

Got up and got dressed and went to work.

Read a book about Australian animals with the five year old boy

The two girls woke up and I made them all eat breakfast. Then we played a card game. Had to dress the eleven year old girl because she broke both her wrists snowboarding last week.

Took the children to their grandparents for lunch and was told I didn't have to go back until 3pm. I planned to have a lot of brews and a nap, but before all that I walked to the Arc de Triomphe to take a photo for this project my friend Jen is doing where she wants photos from all over the world taken on the same day.

Took the photo of the Arc de Triopmhe, impressed how little time it took me to get there and how easy it was.

After an hour of walking around getting more and more lost, I found myself back at the fucking Arc de Triomphe.

Got back to my room after a lot of walking, three metros and a big bag of Haribo Golden Bears. Decided to sacrfice lunch for a nap but could only fit in 20 minutes as have to get the kids' scooters before I pick them up. It the saddest nap ever because as I got in bed I knew it would soon be over.

Turn up at the grandparent's house with two scooters. Take the five year old boy and his cousin to the Bois de Bologne which is a big wood. It rains and the boys go really fast so I have to chase after them. I'm wearing my big green coat from Zara which many people have remarked makes me look like the guy from I Know What You Did Last Summer. I have the massive hood up and people keep stopping to make sure I'm not a paedophile trying to capture and murder the children with a fish hook.

Play with the boys on a big climbing frame thing that looks a bit like a boat. I am left in charge of steering the boat and the two boys run around pretending to hoist up the sails and so on. As I grip the wheel, and as the rain pelts down, and with the sounds of little sailors working in the background, I look out from inside my massive fisherman's hood and feel like I am actually at sea. I wish I was a kid and not an au pair, or even just back at uni studying drama where you got to pretend you were a sailor on a boat and you could make other people watch you do it.

We get back to the grandparent's house and it's time for gouter. We have apple tart with cream and I wonder what the kids have been telling everyone because I am given a huge portion plus little German bicuits and then some chocolates. I'm not complaining though. I think I'm finally over my Polite Declining that has deprived me of so much free food in the past. Mind you, when they gave me a slice of that really nice lemon meringue pie a couple of weeks ago, the next day I told the mum it was nice and she said 'Oh you had a taste did you?' I just nodded and changed the subject thinking 'Fuuuck'; it was clearly for me and the three kids and I ate it all up in about ten seconds.

I play lego with the two little boys in the 'play room' which is a huuuuge section of the apartment with a mezzanine and 20 foot windows. I build a Really Good Lego House with different levels and rooms and the little boys try and get involved but they are rubbish and I don't want them messing up my Really Good House so I make them do their own.

I take the three children and their two cousins back to the house from their grandparent's. Seven boxes of shopping have been delivered and I have to tidy up the boy's room and I have to help them all shower and/or bath and I have to make dinner and I have to make them get into their pyjamas and eat before the mum comes home at 7.15pm. For dinner she has cooked a cauliflower and told me to put it in the oven covered in cheese, like a really crap Cauliflower Cheese, I guess.

Everyone sits down to dinner and I eat mine before anyone else has even had time to poke at theirs and scream that they don't like cauliflower. The mum comes through the door and tells me to go home and I don't need telling twice.

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