Friday, 4 February 2011


I'm babysitting again. I'm doing loads of extra nights so that when my Many Visitors start arriving next month I won't have to work. But where to take my friends in Paris? Everyone will expect me to know lots of hidden gems and secret raves and all I know is how to get to my French lesson and back. This morning I didn't go to my French lesson by the way, I feel it is a slippery slope but I've already let go of the rails...

What do I do in Paris? This is what my friends always ask me because they have obviously read my blog and gotten the impression that I do nothing except make soup for children and drink tea.

Ok, so for anyone interested (me, myself and I) here is my list of Nice Things To Do In Paris:

- going to the Marais (the Jewish Quarter), looking in the vintage shops and getting Nice falafel
- sitting in Nice cafés, drinking Nice hot chocolate, especially Cafe Angelina near Tuileries
- getting Nice and drunk on one euro wine and then raving at Le Batofar or Social Club (the pre-drinking is a must because drinks in Parisien clubs are ten euros and up)
- buying something beautiful from a Nice pâtisserie and eating it on the nearest bench
- picking a random tourist hotspot (Eiffel Tower, Sacre Cœur, Arc de Triumph etc) and going there, just to be Nice and to remind myself I am in Paris.

Now, here's my list of Things I Do Most Often In Paris:

-eating Haribo with Lauren and Drew, watching a film or English TV on the internet
- going for casual drinks at Bastille or Place Monge, spending my monthly wages on cocktails, then either getting the last metro home, or finishing the night at 4am, in a restaurant, with a full blown meal, depending on how stupid I'm being
- arranging to meet people at museums, turning up two hours late or not at all and in the case of the former, seeing the queue and fucking the museum off for red wine somewhere (and then last week picking the children up from school the following lunch time with red wine teeth because I lost my toothbrush)
- walking for miles and miles with Lauren and not really minding because at least we are in Paris and not on the Yorkshire moors
- sitting on the 82 bus, either going to Lauren and Drew's or going to French lessons. (The 82 bus is actually an excellent way to see loads of landmarks without using your legs or changing metros.)

A random thing I like to do is, when I'm on Metro Ligne 1, going in the direction of Château de Vincennes, just before the metro stops at Louvre Rivoli, I look for out for a bit of graffiti that says 'Fuck the World'. I wonder why it's in English? I wonder how they got inside the tunnel to write it? Also, I wonder if anyone reads this blog? I mean, who would want to read about me doing nothing in Paris, when they could come to Paris and do nothing themselves? Really, it's easy, you should do it.

The difficult bit is deciding what I am going to do next. I can't think about it, I can't. It is my only worry in life, besides the money issue...(My mum says Royal Bank of Scotland have called for me 'a couple of times', but unless they want to send a special agent to Paris there's not a lot they can do. I would love if it did that, I hope they do! I hope they send a sexy man in a suit to demand money off me and hopefully to rough me up a bit.)

What does the future hold for me? I have a horrible feeling it's a big, fat nothing.

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  1. I just ran into your blog. Must let you know, I fucking love it.

    I want to become an au pair in Paris. I hope you don't mind if I ask you some questions.

    1. I'm glad you like the blog!! Do you have Twitter? If you do, follow me and then you can message me your questions, it will be easier x

    2. Yeah, it's AnaMars89. :)