Thursday, 3 February 2011


Guess what.... Harriet found me a link to watch Big Fat Gypsy Weddings!

I'm going to watch it as soon as I make the eleven year old go to bed because I'm babysitting and she's being a bad ass... so probably about 1am then. We've had to stay up late doing her English homework, which involved filling in the gaps in sentences such as:

Ireland is split into two ....... (parts)
In Ireland you can meet lots of Irish ...... (people) and ...... (sheep)
If you like food, you can try ........ (Irish coffee)

It's weird looking at French children's English exercise books. There are a lot of Toms and Bobs in it and they all seem to be proclaiming their love for fish and chips and their dislike of cheese. Why do French people think English people don't understand cheese? I'm sure England and France started making cheese around the same time. Just because English cheese doesn't have to kept on the balcony to stop it smelling out the house... Family Decent do this. They keep cheese on their balcony and crates of champagne in the bathroom, which is why I now work for them and not Family Thrift. They kept dirt in their bathroom.

I can't believe I used to work for Family Thrift. I can't believe I used to live with them! Even when the kids I work with now are being Rude As Fuck at least I can hide in the kitchen and eat slices of ham. In Family Thrift's kitchen they had cardboard boxes in their oven and pre-cooked polenta in their fridge and that was that. I almost miss the mixed-cereals though, I think I might actually buy myself some one day. Maybe.

The Family Decent kids are nice most of the time. Especially when they are watching TV, which the oldest one is now, even though she should be in bed...I don't really care if they go to bed, as long as they are quiet, as long as the noises from their cartoons don't drown out the screams of girls being grabbed by their prospective Traveller husbands.

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