Monday, 31 January 2011


Dragged myself out of bed to go and have lunch with Family Decent, the mum invited me over because the dad of the family is away this week... now I know I have the tendency to be PARANOID, but doesn't that suggest that the dad of the family hates me and has forbidden me from enjoying lunch under the same roof as him??

Anyway lunch was nice, although when I arrived the mum said 'Wow, you are so lucky, you wear the same clothes when it is cold, huh?'

Huh. I was wearing a black woolly dress with tights and my huuuuuge angora cardigan, under my new parka-stylee coat that I got from Zara, with my long boots- there was literally no more body for me to dress in warm materials. I've learnt though since being in Paris that English people don't dress for the weather very well, but there is no need for strangers to point at my hands on the metro and ask where my clothes are.

After lunch I went to Musée Rodin with Clare and Kayt. Except there was a queue and we couldn't be arsed. Without anyone quite realising how it happened, our little trip to the museum turned into a lot of red wine in a bar by the river, which then turned into a Chinese at Belleville, where I found myself eating what I'm pretty sure was dog and crab broth with triangular pieces of scrambled egg floating in it.

After that we went to a bar nearby with another au pair Emma and her two French friends. The evening was fun (although my ineptitude at languages has never been so painfully obvious) but today I feel Very Bad and I can't wait to get in my bed. I'm in it already but I could only squeeze in a forty minute nap and I've got to go to work again soon and as well as being hung-over (because I'm English and therefore Binge Drink), it's also bloody freezing and I'll be cold because I'm English and therefore Can't Dress Myself Appropriately.

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