Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Princess Smartypants

Me and the little boy made up a good game today. It is called Dragon Baby and in this game I curl up on the bed and pretend to be a baby dragon inside the egg and he sits on the egg and waits for it to hatch. As you can imagine the baby dragon took a long, long, long time to hatch. And it snored a little. Don't worry I didn't fall alseep whilst I was supposed to be looking after children. But if I did happen to have a little snooze, who could blame me- I have les enfants for ELEVEN HOURS on a Wednesday.

Normally one of them has a mate round and we stay in all day and every ten minutes I sneak into the fridge and eat a cube of cheese or a bit of sausage, but this morning I finally took them to the library. Every week the mum goes, 'Take them to the libray, they love the library!' and as soon as I mention it they go 'No! No library! No go libary! I no want go libary!!' and thrash themselves about on the floor, so I really must question the mum's definition of 'love'. Anyway this morning I don't know how the hell I did it but I managed to drag the two youngest to the library and while they weren't exactly running around kissing books and quoting Shakespeare's Sonnet 43, they did sort of enjoy it. They both got books out anyway and they had English books and I got some out to read to the little boy and he let me read them to him without throwing it across the room and screaming 'I no want English!' like he does whenever I innocently ask him what a épée is called in English. (It's a sword! He knows it is!)

We got this really good book out called Long Live Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole.  Princess Smartypants wants a baby but doesn't want to marry a 'dumb prince'. Then she has to order the food mix for gravy for a Royal banquet, but the phone is crackly and she ends up accidentally making herself a baby (easily done) which turns out to be super strong and wreaks havoc on the palace. In the end she has the clever idea to have two dragon babies too. She gets an egg from her dragon mate who tells her she must sit on it for a week (this was the inspiration for Dragon Baby). Then the egg hatches and she has two little dragons to keep her extra strong and naughty baby in check.

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