Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Naughty Nurse

I have been looking after sick children all day. They have FOUR medicines to take- Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Antibiotics and Cough Medicine. When I was little and I was ill my nana made me drink cabbage water. (Literally the water a cabbage has been boiling in.)

Ill children are no fun. But I managed to get a sneaky nap in! I told the little boy I would nap with him because he was kicking off, so I lay down next to him and closed my eyes. The next thing I knew I was picking out clothes that were actually little cubes moving in rows through the air and I suddenly thought ‘Shit! This is a dream.’ But I didn’t wake up because I love sleeping. The two girls were playing in the other room the whole time and, fingers crossed, I don’t think they noticed I was sleeping.

The mum said that she will have to 'organise something' for tomorrow morning because I have my French class and obviously I can’t miss it. I didn’t tell her that I haven’t been to my Thursday French class since the Wrong Class Episode, because my real Thursday class is in a different building and as yet I haven’t managed to actually locate it.

I feel bad not telling her and sleeping in but she’s very dynamic; I don’t think she’d understand if I tried to explain that every week I miss one of my three-hundred-and-ninety-euros-a-term-lessons because I can’t find it. Even though it is apparently on the same street as the other building, but I’ve looked for it once and I couldn't find it so that’s that.

Guess what I’m going to watch tonight? Big Fat Gypsy Weddings- Episode 2. I’m going to the shop to buy two big bars of Milka and I don’t care about the consequences!! Let me get really fat! See if I care!

(Oh God please don’t let me get really fat. I can't afford new clothes.)

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