Thursday, 6 January 2011


Wahhhhhhey, went to my second French class this morning. It was a different teacher and it was all different people to the other class and we needed a different book, so I thought it must be a different type of lesson. It seemed a lot harder actually, I was definitely the class spaz. I had no idea what was going on throughout the whole lesson and at one point the teacher drew what looked like a vagina on the white board and everybody nodded as if this was to be expected.

The teacher then proceeded to tell us about what we had to write for homework. He then got out a list and started reading it out and occasionally people would say 'c'est moi' for no apparent reason and he would nod and write something down. The whole time this was going on I kept very quiet and tried to act normal, but he must have seen the look of bewildered horror on my face because eventually the teacher looked at me and asked me something. I had no idea what everyone was saying and everyone was looking at me. Eventually he looked suspicious and raised an eyebrow and asked me something that I think meant 'Are you even in this class?'

In answer I got my student card out which has all the times and days of my classes on. He took one glance at it and said 'Non'.

I gasped and started to laugh, but he threw the card back to me and carried on reading out the list thing, and everyone else in the class turned their attention back to the teacher, without so much as a consolatory shrug and a half-smile in my direction.

Now it was awkward. I apologised, put my coat on and walked out. When I got out I relaised I had been in his class for two hours, two hours and he didn't notice that he had someone in his class who was three levels below everyone else.

What an idiot...

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