Sunday, 23 January 2011

Huge Explosions

The Portuguese couple next door have been arguing very loudly for the last twenty minutes. I wish I knew what they were arguing about. The woman's voice is high-pitched and hysterical and the man's voice is angry and stern. I wonder what the fuck they are arguing about? Maybe it’s about the fact that they are sharing a small room above a petrol station.

Oh yes, haven’t I mentioned that my room sits on top of a petrol station? I wonder if that is even legal in England. I’ve gone out and left my hot plate on a couple of times… I may well be the cause of a huge explosion.

Speaking of huge explosions… I can hear something being scraped against something metal, I’m hoping one of the Portuguese couple isn’t sharpening the kitchen knife. I’m going out. Jess and her boyfriend are arriving in Paris tonight for a week’s holiday, so it’s off to be sociable. I’m putting the butter away.

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