Sunday, 23 January 2011

Licking Dangerously

I'm twenty one years old, I'm single, I've got (nearly) all my teeth, I'm in Paris and it's the weekend. So what am I doing? I'm sat in bed eating slices of butter. I did have a freshly baked baguette that I got all by myself from the boulangerie about two hours ago, but that's long gone. Now it's just me, a tub of President butter and a small knife for slicing and licking dangerously. (I might add that to my list of activities on Facebook.)

I am so boring. What the hell have I done this weekend apart from eat butter?

Well on Friday night I went to Lauren and Drew's and we drank wine with the intention of getting very, very drunk but in the end we were just very tired and also sick because we'd eaten so much Haribo and chocolate cake. In the morning Drew and Lauren were considering going for a run in preparation for the Paris half Marathon they are doing in March, but instead they got all their running gear on plus a full face of make-up (including lipstick) and we went to the park and I took pictures of them pretending to run which they then used for their charity web pages. If you've got your debit card handy and think joggers who wear lipstick should be rewarded, sponsor them:

Lauren's Page

Drew's Page

Last night I was babysitting and as usual the two girls didn't go to bed until 11pm, two hours later than their designated bed time, but we were playing with their mum’s old doll house that she brought down from their ‘storage room’. It’s amazing. I was going to take photos but I think that’s tempting fate- putting pictures of their unique antique doll’s house on my anonymous blog. You should see this doll’s house though, it has little lamps that really work! It has tiny metal kitchen utensils! It has a teeny tiny mug with two teeny tiny toothbrushes in!

Sorry, this is so boring. Here’s some Clowncore to liven things up a bit. If you don’t know what Clowncore is- it’s basically techno music played on the accordion, by gypsies or crusties dressed up as circus performers, for people on drugs:

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