Sunday, 12 December 2010

Trois Mois

I've been here for three months now. I don't know if three months is a long time or not. It seems like years ago when I was living with Family Thrift, eating 'mixed cereal' and not going out. When I arrived three months ago today I wasn't even sure if they were a real family or not. I had my suspicions that 'they' would turn out to be a European slave trader who had lured me overseas with some kiddy pics lifted from Google Images, the only silver lining being that if I had indeed been tricked and was sold into slavery then at least I could forget my second biggest fear about Paris; that my time here would be a sandy stretch of celibacy.

Actually I had two people in bed with me last night, but unfortunately it was Lauren and her friend Kag, not Hugh Jackman and his non-famous but equally attractive gypsy friend. I'm so relieved I've got my double bed back, otherwise we would have had to sleep sitting up, side by side.

On Friday I went to my first 'house party' in Paris, although technically it was an apartment party. It was really fun apart from the guy who squeezed in between me and Lauren and said 'Are you into social experiments?' He was no fun at all.

Saturday I was very hung-over yet still managed to purchase some black boots from a vintage shop at Bastille and go to the writer's group at Shakespeare & Co. I read out my piece, 'Dogs and Violence' even though the lady with her dog was there. I felt a bit psychotic reading it out in the presence of a dog, but it went down well... ish... I think... who knows? Who cares? I've learnt now that I like the sound of my voice so much that I will read out anything to anyone. Everyone at the group is very intellectual. They kicked off the session by asking what book everyone wanted for Christmas and I said Peter Rabbit. Still, if I let myself be embarrassed by everything terrible I say and do I'd never leave the house.

Today I went to the Pompidou Centre, saw some modern art, then I bought some soap... I really don't know what to get people for Christmas. The pressure is on to bring back interesting Parisian-themed gifts and I seem to have spent all my money on chocolate and gummy bears.

I need money for next weekend as well- Deadmau5 on Saturday!!! I'm so very excited, the only problem is that while I have told the family I work for that I am going to a 'concert', I don't think they know it is in another country... It doesn't make much difference to them I suppose except if the snow comes along again and causes havoc I'll be stuck in London and they'll have no one to pick their kids up late from school and cook them disgusting, ill-planned meals.

Should I bring it up or not? It hasn't snowed this weekend so might be ok, although this week has been so cold and the snow was sticking at one point.
Hmmmm... hmmmmmm.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
This time next week Deadmau5 will have been and gone and I'll be back in Paris. The weeks have been flying by so fast as well recently, things are over before they've even begun. I was planning on taking pictures of the autumn leaves and suddenly it was snowing and now the snow has completely disappeared. I caught the snow a little bit, but not much.

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