Friday, 17 December 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

It's fucking snowing, I'm blates gonna get stuck in London and get fired, or get stuck in Paris and miss Deadmau5.

It was quite magical actually, tonight I had to to take one of the little girls to her horse riding (normally she goes with her mate and her au pair (ha) but the little mate was off on her hols today) and it was in the middle of some huge foresty park and it started snowing when we were on the bus so when we got off it was like we had arrived in Narnia.

Taking the little girl to horse riding worked out in my favour because instead of making the kids shower and eat failed pumpkin soup, I just got to sit in a cafe for an hour drinking hot chocolate and then when we got home the mum said I could go, didn't have to make dinner or wrestle with any soap-dodgers or anything.

Since Soupgate, work has been really good TOUCH WOOD, so it would be a shame if I fuck up this weekend and accidentally get myself 'stranded' in another country. It will be so nice being back in England this weekend, but I wish I didn't have to come back for four days, it's sooo annoying, but I'd already booked to go to London for the gig when I got this new job and they told me I couldn't go home until the day before Christmas Eve. Still, next week will be good because I'll have supplies of mince pies and tea- I've used my last tea bag three times already and I don't think I can face using it again.

Can't believe tomorrow is tomorrow, if you know what I mean. I'm not really excited because part of me things something is going to go drastically wrong and it won't end up happening, so fingers crossed, this time tomorrow I'll be running round London!

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