Thursday, 9 December 2010

London's Burning

I came to France expecting riots and protests and then it all kicked off at home. Can not believe the scenes of violence on the BBC website. I don't condemn the violence, but it's just surprising. It's also surprising that you can actually hear a cockney copper say 'Git out of it! Go awn git out of there!' like he is in a Carry On Film: maybe Carry On Rising Tuition Fees.:

I also like the guy who says if he didn't get EMA he'd be selling drugs. Surely it's not worth the risk if dealing drugs only gets you £30 a week?

I voted Lib Dem because this is what they had to say on university education, in fact it still says this on their website:

For those youngsters leaving school, university is getting more and more expensive. To get a degree, young people are saddled with thousands of pounds of debt when it is tough enough to get a job, get on the housing ladder and make ends meet.

Liberal Democrats believe university education should be free and everyone who has the ability should be able to go to university and not be put off by the cost.

It's pretty obvious that the only way to combat the problems above is... to raise tuition fees to £9,000 a year? Ok then. I know some Lib Dems voted against but that seems pretty naff comapred with the protesters. It would be so hilarious if the Lib Dems in opposition just got up and started smashing stuff and spitting at the Tories. In all seriousness I think it's their only shot of getting back in everybody's good books.

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