Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Today is my little brother's 18th birthday, soo weird. I know I go on all the time about time flashing by but I CAN NOT believe that I remember my brother being born and now he is old enough to go out clubbing. I am so old, may as well be dead. But not before I see Deadmau5 on Saturday!!

It doesn't feel like Saturday is actually happening, but it is!!!!!

Meeting Big Kaf in London, where she will escort me from St Pancras to Euston so I can see the correct way to go for when I come home next week as I don't want to end up in Camden again, then we will probs get something to eat and I will hopefully get some mince pies and tea bags to bring back as I am down to my LAST TEABAG which is a disaster, then we are going to see Deadmau5 supported by Magnetic Man (eek) then off to Soul Clap, then getting the Eurostar back at 1pm on Sunday.

I have no idea why I booked my Eurostar back on Sunday so early, but at least I will definitely be back in time to start work on Monday. The family don't realise I am going to London and now it is kind of too late to tell them and really, they don't need to know.

The only danger is that I will take some of these 'dodgy pills' that are apparently lurking about and will be hospitalised and then fired for being a drug-taking whore who goes to London and doesn't tell them, but obviously I don't do drugs so should be fine.

Eeee! Only ten days till Christmas!! I am trying to get myself in the holiday mood by listening to Christmas songs and watching The Snowman on Youtube, but The Snowman is one of things that is so soul-destroyingly sad and nostalgic that it hurts me a little bit to watch it. So far I have only managed to watch up until the point when he starts building the snowman. I will get through it tonight though, I love it.

I don’t know what is sadder: the moment when he realises the Snowman has melted with that gorgeous music in the background; or watching the whole thing, then looking out of my window and seeing an empty street somewhere in France instead of miles and miles of English countryside blanketed in snow.

Oh its so tragic!!

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