Saturday, 6 November 2010

Stockport, Land of Dreams

I took lots of photographs when I was home, I think I was trying to hold on to the blissful, luxurious comfort of biscuits, puddings and the National Trust. That weird little building that there is so many pictures of is The Cage at Lyme Park, by the way. I'm a bit obsessed with it, much in the same that I went to Disneyland and took more than thirty pictures of the castle. I like things against the sky, I could take photos of the sky all day but they always look shit.


  1. makes me miss home too! i'm looking after my poorly little frenchie, reading your entire blog archive, and annoying him by frequently laughing very loudly. brilliant! x

  2. You know you're homesick when you miss binge drinking and kebabs! I'm glad someone is reading my old blog posts, thanks so much for commenting!

  3. Found your blog recently and am reading it from the beginning! I'm an au pair in Paris AND I'm from Stockport! Love the blog - many laughs. X

    1. Ha no way are you from Stockport! I can't believe I loved Stockport so much when I wrote this post! I ended up loving Paris and staying there for three years, I miss it so much (and didn't go back to Stockport, funnily enough). I hope you're having an amazing time in Paris. Thanks for commenting- LBM