Sunday, 7 November 2010

I Love This City

I really do! I'm glad to be in Paris- I can't believe I was dreading coming back, it's Paris for goodness sake, it's one of the most amazing cities in the world and I have almost nine whole months to explore every nook and cranny. I really haven’t been making the most of it. Today I was sat in my room drinking a Baxter's Cup A Soup and I thought, 'I'm in the food capital of the world, having a fucking Cup a Soup.' Still, it is a hug in a mug.

Today I was supposed to go to the Holocaust Museum with Lauren and her flat mate and their other chum but I was faffing about and left it too late, but I still met up with them for falafel at that amazing place where we went a few weeks ago. (It's called L'as Du Falafel and it has a green shop front, in case you're wondering.)Lauren is doing her dissertation thingy on something to do with the Holocaust and Paris, so she will be going a lot to the museum which means plenty of opportunities for me to go with her and also plenty of opportunities for more falafel which Lauren pointed out means she will have to fork out five euros every time she wants to do a bit of research because you can't possibly be that close to the Jewish Quarter and not buy falafel.

After the falafel we went and sat in Starbucks which is terribly consumerist and mainstream of us I know and you may be burning to ask me the question: 'Why didn't you find an authentic Parisian coffee place to go to?' My answer is: 'Because it was fucking chilly and there happened to be a Starbucks and if you're so fucking alternative and ethical what are you doing reading a blog on the internet, shouldn't you be out in the dark night sneaking into a laboratory to rescue guinea pigs?'

We chatted for hours in there and then went to the Eiffel Tower to meet some other people for a drink. It was weird but nice being so close to where I used to live and knowing I didn't have to go back to my musty bedroom and not drink tea.

Yesterday me and Lauren walked to La Defense from my new place, it took us about two hours but we stopped on the way to buy bread and ham and because it was chucking it down we went into a little phonebox to make and eat our sandwiches, which I thought was pretty ingenious. La Defense is mental, it's the Canary Wharf of Paris and when you are there it feels like you are in some sort of dystopian future city. There were these hideous apartment blocks there that look like alien slums, by which I mean poor housing for people from out of space.

After La Defense I got my glad rags on and went out with my pal and Her Date which wasn't as awkward as it sounds but I did have to get very, very drunk so that I could chat to strangers while my friend and Her Date hid from me, snogging.

Aside from being the annoying friend who can't get her own date, it was a fun night, although I think everything seemed ‘fun’ because I was swaying from side to side and shouting a lot. And, erm, to put a downer on the night, Maisie informed me in the morning that she tossed her date off while I was asleep in the same bed as them. But still, I'm trying to forget about that...

I'm so, so tired now, I can't wait to go to sleep, although I've accidentally turned my bed into a sofa. I was looking for monsters underneath it and pulled this bar thing and it sprang into a sofa, like a Transformer. I can't get it back to the way it was now. Actually I quite like it as a sofa because it makes my room look bigger and it's not that uncomfortable to sleep on. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ha! While I've been writing this I've had a jazz station on the radio and all of a sudden it's gone from tinkly piano to this crazy electro beat with someone talking over the top and he just said 'I want to take you home and drink vodka out of your belly button. I want to eat cherries off your nipples.' He's clearly never seen my FHB (Fat Hairy Belly). On that note, I think I'll go to sleep. Hopefully I'll have sexy dreams aboout belly buttons and cherries... or more likely, I'll dream about aliens living in slums with sofas can transform into falafel and eat me.

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