Monday, 29 November 2010

Cheese Deceiver

Can't be arsed saying anything, just thought I would put some pictures up as I haven't done for ages. The pics are of the Christmas lights on the Champs Elysees and the Christmas market at La Defense.

Tonight the kids pretty much ignored me all night and then I exploded when they demanded to see the cheese packet to see what cheese I had given them, as if I am some sort of Cheese Deceiver. It was mozzarella.

Tomorrow the little boy is going on a picnic with his school, so I can use the time to 'tidy' his room apparently. I'm worried because to me his room looks really tidy and I'm dimly aware that sometimes what will pass as 'reasonably tidy' for me is simply 'a disgusting mess' to others.

Can I just say, even though I don't write anything on my blog, it doesn't mean I've not done anything, I'm a very busy and popular person, honestly. This week I went to the Middle Ages museum, Victor Hugo's house, the Christmas market and I went to the cinema to see Harry Potter TWICE and all I can say is that Ron Weasley. Got. Fit. I went to see Harry Potter the first time with this girl who lives in the same apartment buiding as the family. She's been living here for three years and she said that she met Super Au Pair and she was a gimp, so HA!


  1. Cheese Deciever!! Oh my gosh. Your blog is too funny. I'm really enjoying reading your posts

    1. Thank you for commenting, keep reading!