Sunday, 17 October 2010

Upgrade U

HAHAHA. Oh no, last night I was feeling most unusual and I wrote a post that was really melancholy and depressing. If you'd read it you would have wanted to rip your own brain out just so you didn't have to think about how embarrassed you were for me. Luckily the internet cut out just as I was trying to publish it. PHEW. I even wrote a poem to go with my deep, deep feelings and pain. It had the words 'time' and 'sand' in it. I think it's best for everybody if I never write a peom on here again, ever.

But that biatch didn't ring me back for the 800 a month job nanny job, so it seems all my agonising soul-searching was for nothing because I didn't even get the job anyway. She said the au pair she had was inexperienced but that she would give her til the end of the week, so I guess she came through in the end. In fact, I know she came through, because I fucking met her. I don't think I can take any more coincidences.

I was at the park on the street where they live and this English woman came and sat next to me. She kep saying things to me in English but I didn't really talk to her that much because she looked like she could have been an actual mum and once mums find out you're an au pair they act as though you tricked them into making conversation with a lowly servant. But I glanced at the kids she was with and had to do a double-take; it was the three girls from the 800-a-month job! The mother had shown me pictures of them. It was so strange. It was the day the woman was supposed to ring me to say yes or no and here I was sat with her current au pair/nanny. She didn't have the air of somebody who had just lost her job. I felt a bit snide making conversation with the girl then as if I was being sneaky, but luckily les enfants wanted to go to a different part of the park so we left. I said goodbye to her and she went 'Good Luck with everything' and then I felt really bad. She seemed confident and capable with the kids so hopefully it will work out for her. I wouldn't want to take someone's job. Erm, especially because she seemed better at it than I would be.

I had another interview on Saturday for a job that I rrrreally want. It's 600 euros a month, with my own place and the family seem really nice. I even met the kids. It's not as much work as the nanny job, it's more like an au pair position. But they said they were interviewing other people so I don't have high hopes. They said they will let me know by Tuesday at the latest. The thing is, if I don't get this other job, I am technically out on the street for two weeks because my au pair family is going away and for some reason (they are mental, is my guess) they don't want me in their house while they are away.

I'm trying not to worry too much though, I will let life flow through me like tea from a teapot and see what happens. If I am homeless, I think I can actually move in with the sexy homeless man. He is really moving up in the world (you can't really see the sign but it says 'Avenue de Suffren'):

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