Monday, 4 October 2010

Straight To Video Killed My Dream

Nearly let myself watch Pocahontus 2: Journey to a New World on YouTube. Stopped myself just in time after reading on Wikipedia that in this straight-to-video BOLLOCKS, Pocahontus travels to England and meets some other bloke called John Rolfe, then tells John Smith they're not on the same path anymore. Personally I think she's starting to use this 'pathway' shit as an excuse to be an outrageous whore... No, no I won't take it out on Pocahontus. I'm going to pretend like the hideous sequel doesn't exist. As if she would leave John Smith! In my head, I'm going to tell myself that she never saw him again but often revisited that cliff top and looked out to sea, pining for her long lost love...

Oh my goodness gracious me. Just been reading about the real Pocahontas and the second film is more accurate than I would hope to believe. I knew that in real life Pocahontas did travel to England and died of a disease, but I didn't know that she travelled over as a diplomat and that once there in England she fucked John Smith off for John Rolfe. She married this Rolfe guy and lived in Middlesex with him! Then they decided to travel back to Virginia but she died on the way back of smallpox or Tb or something. When she became ill she was taken ashore to Gravesend (ironic place name) and there's a statue of her there. And in real life she really did lay her head down on John Smith just before he was about to be clubbed to death. That's the bit of the story I choose to remember. I think it's fine to pick and choose bits of reality to believe, and to forget which bits of life you made up and which bits really happened. I do it all the time which is a bit confusing for other people I suppose, but I don't think it's too mental. After all:

'Memory is fiction… all memory is a way of reconstructing the past.' - Damon Galgut

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