Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I think it was Blazing Squad who said 'See you at the Crossroads (crossroads, crossroads) and indeed they were very wise and masterful because I myself am at a crossroads right now. I have to choose between lots of money and lots of work, or little money and little work. All I want is to be able to do little work for lots of money so I am having difficulty choosing...

Last night the au pair family dropped an October Bomb on my head- apparently I have to skedaddle out of their place for the October holidays. If they had told me this sooner I could have booked my Eurostar home weeks ago, but now it is going to cost me four times my weekly wage.

Yesterday there was also drama when a little old lady rang the doorbell and talked at me in French for a long time about her ceiling falling in. I forgot to look surprised so naturally she assumed I couldn't understand her when in fact I could understand her, I just wasn't arsed. She came back ten minutes later with a man claiming to be the 'president of the building' and he explained the problem to me in English and this time my three years studying drama at university kicked in and I managed to feign dismay. They said the water that had made the little old lady's ceiling collapse was coming from the kids bedroom, the room that the dad flooded last Friday when he was fannying around with the heating. I didn't mention the flooding, sensing I might get the au pair family in le merde but then when the dad came home, after me explaining about the two visitors and him going to speak with them himself, he had the cheek to ask me 'Did you spill some water or something in your room? Maybe you spilt liquid?'

'Oh yeah,' I thought,'Maybe I did spill some liquid in my room and that made the old lady's ceiling fall in. You were right not to let me drink tea in my room after all! Or maybe, MAYBE, it was you trying to do everything on the cheap and FLOODING THE WHOLE FUCKING APARTMENT that made the lady's ceiling in...'

Anyway, I finally got my phone back from Maisie's where I left it fifteen days ago and I had looooooads of missed calls and messages from people I had contacted about jobs. Today I rang back one of them who wanted to meet me straight away, so we met up and she bought me a CUP OF TEA and a CROISSANT in a restaurant. Good Sign. The job is more like a full-time nanny job, but it comes with own apartment and 800 euros a month... thats like five times what I'm earning now.

The only problem is I didn't tell her I already am an au pair, I wrote on my agency profile that I am staying with a friend and so it seemed too late to tell her the truth and she lives on the same street as les enfants school... edgy times indeed.

Oh lord and then I can't believe what happened next. I went and sat in a park and proceeded to ring all the other numbers I had missed calls off. The first number was multiple Chinese people who put the phone down on me.

The second number I rang was answered by a man. I gave my name and said I was calling about the job. He said 'Sorry, what is your name?' and I repeated it and then he said 'It's me G******' (I'm paranoid, not going to write their names here!). It was the dad from my family!!! I'm a bad mong. I didn't spend £30,000 on a drama degree for nothing though; I improvised about a waitressing job and smoothed it over. Then I walked home for lunch and during the walk I felt all funny inside and I knew it was about to Kick Off.

I got back to the apartment (and my Smash and rubber chicken lunch) and straight away the dad bounced into the kitchen like 'You'll be exahusted if you work at the weekend''You won't be able to party' etc etc and I went 'I need money!' and then it all came pouring out but I was very calm. I didn't seem upset or angry or anything. I explained how most au pairs get paid a lot more and that I need money which is why I am going to have to get an extra job or a better-paid au pair job. He said that I did a lot less than other au pairs, which is not really true although I don't have to do a lot I'll admit, and then he asked me what I needed money for! I started to explain but then he kept coming up with cheapo alternatives for everything so in the end I just said 'It doesn't matter what I spend my money on, I'm worried about money and I'm not happy and I'm just being honest.'

It was so weird, he rang up his wife straight away and they said they can pay me more and help me get English lessons (me teaching them obviously, not lessons for me to learn English) and the dad made me a little poster straight away.

What the hell do I do??????????????????

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