Friday, 15 October 2010

Know Thy Enemy...

Just so you didn't think I was exaggerating about the food, here's some pics of my daily Food Instructions. Oh and don't get excited, the 'snacks' aren't for me, they're for les enfants.

Friday: corn, omelette (already cooked and waiting in the fridge for me...)

Monday: fish nuggets (?!) polenta (the lovechild of jelly and couscous), green beans (again already cooked and nicely soggied)

Friday: soft egg (boiled), rice and yoghurt (they buy little pots of natural yoghurt, which I guess is quite good for you but they're not as fun as Fruit Corners.)

If you've been wondering what polenta looks like, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have a photgraph of Monday's lunch so you can finally see this gelatine-grain hybrid. The bad news is that once you look at the picture you'll be forever haunted by the image of your good friend (me) being forced to eat yellow playdough that molds itself to whatever container you use to store it in the fridge.
I've called this post 'Know Thy Enemy' so that you can look upon this chunk of polenta and make sure you never, ever let a morseful of it pass your lips.

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