Monday, 4 October 2010


On Sunday I climbed the Arc de Triomphe. My legs are still trembling. It is 280 steps. You can see the whole of Paris from the top but what caught my eye was this knobhead on his bike trying to cycle through twelve lanes of Parisian traffic, which if you read my post about the death of the Little Green Man in Paris, you'll know is a Foolish Act.

Before the Arc de Triomphe me and Lauren queued up for twenty minutes for falafal in the Jewish quarter near the Bastille. It was so worth it. I love falafal. If I can't afford a kebab after a night out I can normally afford falafal if they have it.
In the evening we sat near the Eiffel Tower which was nice and drank Orangina which I put in my coat pocket for some reason and got it all over me and eveything I was wearing.

That was a bit shit really.
As for my working conditions and decision about staying or finding a new job, things are more confusing than ever. I decided that I would wait for my first pay cheque and then bring up the subject of money and announce that the average pay for au pairs was double mine and that I needed more money. However, last night the mum of the family slipped me my pay cheque with my clean washing as I was about to go to bed, so I didn't bring it up and now it will never be the right time. She said 'I think we agreed 40 euros?' and I just agreed like a Massive Cock. Hmm. I don't actually know what to do with the fucking cheque either, I don't know where the bank is or what my account details are or what I do to pay it in, so that's ANNOYING.

The dad also randomly said he knows someone who might want an English tutor for their children, so I think they definatly heard me on Skype to my mum saying I needed more money. I have never taught English as a foreign language so I don't know what the fuck I would do even if I did get the teaching job. Argh!!!! I need fucking money and I need it now. Had to spend 54.99 euros renewing Norton Anti-Virus this morning and it hasn't even worked I don't think. Also spent £35 on a Deadmau5 ticket which I'll admit isn't a neccessity but... I can't stop myself from spending. Thinking about how little money I have and how fucked I'll be financially at the end of this year makes me what to sit on the floor wailing.

I really needed a cry the other day so I put Pocahontus on and bawled my eyes out all the way through. At the end when John Smith says 'Come with me' I was choking on my tears, trying to splutter out 'Go! Go with him Pocahontus' but she couldn't hear me. She watched his ship leave her shores and then she runs up to the top of the cliff and watches him sail away and then the wind (and all the colours of it that she likes painting with so much) whirls past her and travels to John Smith, lying in his sick bed. Arghhhh I'm crying just thinking about it. I like crying though. I might watch it again in a minute.

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