Sunday, 3 October 2010

All Night Long... all night, all night... All Night Long

Last night was Nuit Blanche, the one night every year that the whole of Paris stays up all night and venues across the city are open 'til the early morn and they have performance art and installations in them.

Me and Lauren started the night with a meal at Cafe des Anges in Bastille which was really nice and the first French restaurant I have been to since I arrived, which is pretty shocking. The food was amazing but the tables were very close together and we had to squeeze in next to three Very Obese Men who were watching us eat and kept asking us what it was like. Lauren's French is very good and I went all shy and made her order everything and I feel like my French has got worse this week. I couldn't even order a glass of wine. ("Je prend... erm... je prend un... Lauren, Lauren, say it for me, say it!")

After the meal we went to meet with my New Au Pair Friends (I think I can leave the 'Possible' out now) and then we went out and about in Paris to enjoy Nuit Blanche. It was an amazing atmosphere, with people just wandering around enjoying being out. It really sunk in that We Are In Paris. We ended up drinking cheap and nasty red wine on the Pont des Arts which is a bridge over the Seine where lots of people were just hanging out and being casual. We planned to stay out all night but at about 3 am we started dropping like flies until it was just me and Maisie whose apartment I was staying at. We walked back to where she lives and on the way home we popped in to a couple of churches to see modern art and a physical theatre type thing. The modern art was a huge installation of little fans rigged up to look like an exclamation mark and we just sat and stared at it for ages and ages until we both felt like we were very badly monged out on drugs so we left.

Nuit Blanche. It would never work in Manchester or London. People would just do loads of pills and bounce about upsetting tourists, or else everyone would get so bladdered they would have to lie in the street choking on their own vomit. I'm not saying this is a bad thing; I'd be bouncing about and lying in the street too, but I'm just saying Nuit Blanche only works in Paris.

I know a story about Nuit Blanche actually and I only realised last night because I'd never heard of the 'white night' before. It's my favourite coincidence story. This is really random but I love this story so much I'm going to write about it:

Right, so my dad's girlfriend went travelling years ago and one weekend she had to stay in Paris for two nights because her flight to Australia was delayed or something. The first night was fine because there were hundreds of people out on the streets drinking and chatting so she just hung out with strangers all night and didn't need anywhere to sleep. Now I know that she must have landed in Paris on Nuit Blanche, which is pretty lucky. Anyway, the next night she thought it would be the same but it obviously wasn't because Nuit Blanche is for one night only. She panicked and wandered the streets for a bit thinking 'Surely I won't have to do this all night' and then she heard some people speaking English.

She got talking to them and a girl in the group offered her a couch for the night. So my dad's girlfriend went back to this random girl's house and the girl had two male flatmates who were there too. They all got on really well and the next day my dad's girlfriend said goodbye and got her flight.

Then, two or three years later, she was at Glastonbury and one night she was sat around a fire and two guys came over and said they'd had their tent stolen. As she was going out dancing all night, my dad's girlfriend said they could sleep in her tent. They were very grateful and they all got talking and then she realised that it was the same two guys who had been at that girl's flat in Paris!!!!!!!! How weird is that????????
Coincidences freak me out.
Do you believe in coincidences?

Was it a coincidence, for example, that last night I was talking to my mum on Skype about the money situation and my whole should I go/stay dilemma and then this morning the dad said he knew someone who wanted an English tutor for their kids and then about ten minutes ago the mum came in and gave me my pay cheque a week early???

I think perhaps not.

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  1. ooo i love freaky coincidence stuff. reading that gave me the shivers!! oooooo
    tabs. do what makes u happy. it looks like youre having an amazing time!
    cant wait to visit you pal!
    next year!!!
    cant wait for MAU5 so worth the debt!!!!!!! love your blog it makes me lauhg so much :)

    that picture of the guy committing suicide on a bike - BRILLIANT.