Saturday, 23 October 2010

After the Rain...

I remember when I worked in Corfu and on a day when things were bad and shit and very awful I was stood on the beach looking at the sky and I threw back my head and went 'Oh, give me some English rain!'. It was very dramatic and I'm glad nobody saw me, but every so often you have to give yourself a bit of theatre. I like to pretend I'm in a novel a lot of the time and will often narrate my life to myself. Even picking up a snotty tissue can become a moment of intense poetry. (She paused and scooped down, her fingers grasping at a soft cloud that had floated from her pocket down to the hard ground, a honey-like slick glimmering on the tissue like a smudge of sunshine...)

In the novella of my life- and it is definately a novella, not a novel, I don't know why but I feel I more of a Breakfast at Tiffany's than War and Peace, but maybe that's because, although undoubtedly a magnificent piece of literature, Tolstoy neglected to mention any cats in his 'magnum opus' and so there was a little piece of me never really bothered... Anyway, in the novella of my life, I feel I am at the bit where it starts to get good. And I shall tell you for why:

I got the other job!!!! I was at the airport on Friday, staring into space and slowly hating life because I had gone to the gate two hours early and there were no toilets and I had no book,when I got a phone call from the other family. Well I actually got a phone call while I was going through security but I've never flown on my own before and I didn't know if you are allowed to answer the phone or not. Actually I'm quite pleased with myself for managing to get on a plane all on my lonesome, considering that the last time I tried to see my cousin in Leeds I missed my coach even though I was sat next to it for twenty minutes, then I ran to Piccadilly and bought a train ticket for a large sum of money then nearly missed the train, then arrived in Leeds with no phone battery and no telephone numbers and no money.

The weird thing is, on Friday, I thought I had no phone credit because it wouldn't let me text anyone, but I tried to one bell the family anyway and miraculously it worked! Then they rang me back and told me I had the job!!!! YEEEEYYYYYY! My Own Place. Food. Money. No Curfew!!!!

The only snag in the cardigan is that now I have to tell my current family that I am giving them a week's notice when they are on holiday, which is pretty bad but no worse than giving someone grated carrot for dinner. I think I'll ring them on Monday, although really I should ring them today but I'm too scared. I have a key to their house though so if worse comes to worse I can hotfoot it back to Paris and grab all my stuff before they come back from holiday. I haven't booked my transport back to Paris yet which will be very expensive but who cares, as of next week I will getting a Proper Person's Salary!

Ahhhh being at home is amazing, I feel like I am in a dream. Last night I had Chinese take-away and watched the MOBOs on TV and drank tea and ate hobnobs then I went to bed in my nice, warm, clean bedroom. I feel like a princess.

I've already put Holiday Skin on. Making plans for money-spending and frolicking this evening. This week is going to be So. Good.

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