Saturday, 25 September 2010

Vivre la révolution!

I didn't set out to be a gimp and write on my blog almost every day but it has become addictive; I often find myself mentally blogging as I go about my business. It's like when I got addicted to Tetris and every time I closed my eyes I used to see little Tetris blocks slotting into perfect lines.

But I must write about my weeked, it turns out my mum's warning about my La Haine fantasy wasn't as unfounded as I thought!

Yesterday was the Techno Parade which was a parade of floats with DJs on that went all round Paris and I was going to go to it with a few of my New Possible* Au Pair Friends.

(*I've put 'possible' in case they're reading this, because we've only met twice so they might be shrieking 'WE'RE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, FREAK. WE'VE READ YOUR BLOG, WE KNOW YOU ARE MENTAL).

However, we went out on Friday night- my first night out in Paris (!) which I will describe in detail later- and only got four hours sleep and as the parade started at noon there were no Eager Beavers or Keen Jeans to be found among us when it came to going to the Techno Parade the next day.

But seeing as the Techno Parade had been hyped up to be a big event, with loads of people even travelling from England to see it, I felt a bit stupid not going and we eventually went to see the end of it at about half five.

Me and three other girls arranged to meet at the metro station at Bastille which is the trendy studenty area of Paris where I went the other day and went shopping. I got to Bastille and as I walked up the steps to get out of the metro station three armed police came running down in full riot gear. My first thought was obviously 'Phwoar' but my second thought was that something was Going Down.

When I got outside there were crowds and crowds of people stood on and around this big monument thing and there was a charged atmosphere in the air. Stupidly I didn't take my camera so I don't have any photos! Anyway, I noticed that the bit of the crowd nearest to me was made up of hoodlum-type teenagers and Young Males and opposite them was a line of about forty riot police. It was La Haine in colour.

It was also, looking at the mental futuristic police uniforms, like I had stepped inside an XBox game. (I wish I could name the actual game I'm thinking of but alas I moved on from video games when I was about sixteen when I discovered the joy of social networking sites and decided to spend all my time looking through phototgraphs of myself instead of shooting aliens, or if I'm brutally honest, breathing fire on sheep until they die in order to get butterflies for my dragonfly's health. If you don't know what game I'm talking about, trust me, you won't care.)

As I observed the lines of riot police (stood with their sheilds connected and everything), many emotions flew through me: terror, excitement, arousal... Then when I was on the phone to one of my Possible Au Pair Pals someone threw something made of glass at the police that smashed on the road in front of them. Let's just say a very well known Kaiser Cheifs song ran through my head...

People started running away from the scene as the police advanced on the crowd so I turned and ran as well, knowing that if any innocent bystander was going to get bottled or battered by the police it would me.

But amazingly, even though the crowd seemed really revved up, the whole thing subsided pretty quickly. I could hear drums getting louder and louder and I realised that the majority of the crowd were here to wait for the Techno Parade, not to start a riot.

A few minutes later there was another scare when there was suddenly loads of smoke and people really did start running and screaming. For a second it seemed as though something terrible was unfolding and I thought of the Love Parade.

Thankfully it was just a food vendor being over zealous with his kebabs and all was calm once more. It was very lucky. I actually thought there was going to be some serious rioting going on but instead there was just the energy of a riot. It was quite good actually, you could package it to tourists: 'All the fun of an inner-city riot without all the inconvience of police kicking and maiming you.'

When I met up with the other girls we walked further up to see the actual parade and that was even more chaotic. I CAN NOT believe I didn't take my camera with me. There were people dancing on top of every bus stop and set of traffic lights. There were three huge floats filled with people dancing and each float had a DJ on the back. In between each float there were loads of people raving as they walked along with the parade.

Most people were bladdered, some people seemed to be sober and simply full of joie de vivre and some people were full of Class A drugs, but everyone was having a rave old time of it. I felt sad watching it because I could imagine me being a part of it with some of my friends from Angleterre who would have loved it.

The girls I was with weren't feeling the Techno Parade it has to be said, so we left pretty quickly and I was home in time for tea which was 'mixed cereals'. Believe it or not 'mixed cereals' is now one of my faves, as is the Mysterious White Matter we have with tinned tomatoes and cous cous. I've had it twice now so it's a bit too late to ask what it is, but it shrinks when the mum takes the lid off the pan.

Lunch today was sausages and potatoes, how very British! Although for some reason I wasn't allowed to eat the skin so I had to scrape it off with a knife while I was eating it. Still, sausages and potato!!!

Last night was also a bit of a Food Moment, albeit a humble one. I was so very, very tired after only having four hours sleep and I had the genius plan of watching a film on my laptop in bed with a brew and some sneaky biscuits I bought and hid in my knicker drawer. The only problem is, tea in my bedroom is FORBIDDEN so I took a deep breath and asked very politely if I could have a cup of tea in my room whilst I watched a film. My request was met with more hostility than it warranted to be honest, but no matter, the final answer was yes, even though I had to promise not to spill it anywhere. (I thought about lashing it all over the walls and ceiling for a laugh, but decided that would be a lot of hassle.)

So, I got my pyjamas on and selected the film. I brought loads of films with me because I foresaw that I might be spending a lot of time on my lonsome in my room, but I haven't actually managed to watch a film yet. I bought a few random ones I haven't seen on Amazon, one of which was a BBC adaptation of Lorna Doone by R.D.Blackmore. The information included the words 'Epic, Romance, Countryside and Danger' so I was sold. There is NOTHING better than a historical drama that manages to squeeze in romance, aggressive men and of course some nice landscapes to gaze at.

The plot of Lorna Doone was fucking perfect. It was the sort of thing you'd find on (ladies get on there if you don't know what I'm talking about). Basically, it's the wild west of England in the 17th Century and a family called the Doones runs riot on the local people, killing them and stealing from them etc. There's this farmer's son who watches his dad murdered and swears vengeance on the Doones, but his mother persuades him not to persue such a violent path. Of course it's not long before he somehow bumps into Lorna Doone and a Romeo and Juliet style love affair ensues years later.

Lorna Doone is supposed to marry her cousin who is a horrible bastard and naturally as an audience member, you want her to escape and marry the good farmer's boy, but there's a tiny throbbing part of you that would also quite like to see what happens when she is forced to succumb to her evil cousin. (Or is that just me?)

I've only seen the first part but I loved it. Lots of diddly-diddly folk music in the background, plus multiple shots of wild English countryside, PLUS lots of attractive male cast members in dirty tartan and leather, so it ticked all the boxes.

I was so happy last night, sat in bed with a brew and my secret stash of chocolate biscuits, watching a classic English drama on my laptop which I FIXED ALL MYSELF!

I forgot to say, I fixed it using a geek forum on the internet, I was so proud and full of love for the mysterious 'Roi' who told me what to do on Microsoft Answers.

Life is good!!! And I haven't even talked about my night out yet! I forgot my camera so I might wait until somebody else puts photos up on Facebook so I can illustrate my tale, because surely it is very boring reading all my whitter with no pictures?

Tonight I'm going to one of my Possible Au Pair Pal's house for some 'Hanging Out' and I think somebody might be bringing tweezers so the weekend just gets better and better!!!

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