Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thursday- Sausages and Dragons.

You can't have a blog without photographs really, can you? For once I have had better things to do so I'm going to write about the last few days today.

O.k, so on Thursday, after dropping the kids off at school I thought I would go for a wander and a gander so I wandered into the Hotel des Invalides, which is a Historical Place that used to be a hospital for invalids in the... you know, that war. Actually I have never felt so historically-ignorant in all my life: there was an exhibition of photographs up and one of them was a photograph of French and Polynesian soldiers in Libya in 1943... am I the only person who doesn't know about this Random-Parts-of-the-World War? But I'll tell you who is fit: Polynesians. Yes, I had a good old gander at that photograph.

I quite enjoyed wandering around pretending to be French. And actually an amazing thing happened! I saw a plaque that for a second made me think dragons were real:

A la gloire des dragons morts pour la France.

Oh, I know it's just a plaque suggesting that the horses were as strong as dragons or something, but imagine if it actually was a plaque dedicated to all the dragons that died in WWII?

I mean, us young people are quite ignorant, imagine if it was just something we didn't talk about much? Imagine if dragons did exist up until WWII and it's just a part of history you don't hear about much!

Imagine if you were talking to somebody really old and you said 'Hold on, there were dragons in WWII?' and they said 'Oh yes, it was atrocious what Hitler did to the Jewish people and the Romany Travellers, but people forget that he went after the dragons too.'

And you'd say 'Hitler killed dragons?!'

And the Old Person would say:
'Oh yeah! I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he killed all the dragons.'

I believe in dragons. Just because we don't have any proof doesn't mean they didn't exist! We only have the remains of like, eight people from the Stone Age or something, but we don't just think there were eight people alive in the Stone Age do we?

Imagine if you went into a musuem and the tour guide said:
'During the Neolithic Period, there were eight people alive. We know this because we have their bones and we don't have anybody else's bones. There were two women living in Africa, two small children alive in Europe, one physically fit man in Polynesia and one man living in North America, who we know had a very challenging life because all we found of him was a skull and a tibia, therefore he must have been a head with a bit of leg attached.'

THEY WOULDN'T SAY THAT WOULD THEY?? Because you've got to use your imagination a bit. This is my arguement for dragons. Do you think people all over the world randomly thought one day: 'Imagine if lizards were really, really big and could fly and breathe fire! Let's just pretend for a laugh that there are.' No, I don't think so.

Anyway, I bet there are dragon remains, in caves and hard to reach places, it's just nobody has gone looking for them. I could probably find some if I tried really hard, I just can't be arsed.

Anyway, now we've established that dragons are real, here are some more photographs:

Thursday was a bit of a sausage fest. After seeing a graffiteed willy at Hotel D'Invalides, I got very, very, very lost and eventually found my way home again, where we had microwaved wheat (?!) and SAUSAGE for lunch!!! Un miracle! Then, saw this fit man in the lift going down, who then came and knocked on the front door and I'm not even kidding, he said (In French obviously) 'I am here to look at the pipes.'
Unfortunately, he really was there to look at the pipes, but I had a good gander at him doing it while I nibbled on my sausage with (what I like to think of as) a real sense of je ne sais quoi.
So, to sum up: Thursday = sausages and dragons.


  1. GOD this is some good reading! Some would say I should read my "Macbeth"-homework, but I prefer dragons.

  2. Well now we've established that dragons probably (almost definitely) lived in the time of Shakespeare, reading my blog is actually research for your homework. See also my post where I prove we all descend from Mermaids 'Origins and Frontiers'.
    Thanks for reading and commenting!